After my Facebook post this morning, many are pushing me for the upcoming news.

So here we go.

I have made to decision to seise operations of Renaissance Worx, and all it sub properties. All content was slated to be removed today, but my few fans have asked I keep it up till Sunday they may read and watch some of their favorites before they are gone.

With that in mind, Broadcast will seise as of 12:01 a.m. Monday May 15th, 2017.


All content will be removed from the internet, this includes (but is not limited to)


LucienMaier.com –

  • My stories, and poems.
  • My novels and the ability to buy them.
  • My essay’s and all Elf related articles.
  • Lucien Maier the Youtube channel. (#RideAlong, #folksoftheroad, #freestories, and Motoramblings, and any miscellaneous content.
  • Writer Cafe account
  • Lucien Maier Facebook page


Renaissance Worx-

  • All development and future production is suspended.
  • 3 On The Throttle (site, media, and social media accounts)
  • Get Lost (site, media, and social media accounts)


As of Monday morning we will be effectively gone off the internet. I have pursued this dream for 35 years. With the thought that it would lead to an easy life. This is not how it has broken out for me.

I am not able to get anyone to watch, or read or whatever. I have tried and tried to rebuild and fix the mistakes, countless times. But I am starting to think the mistake was in me all along. I have been chasing this so long I have lost site of any of the joy’s I should feel in my life.

I am BLESSED, and I am not religious, but by god I have been handed everything.

YET I sulk and hate myself because I can not complete this one objective. I think it is important for me to focus on the many things I do have and have accomplished.

I don’t walk away from this with my tail between my legs. I am proud of the work I did, I love my stories and shows.  

I am mostly proud that I was strong enough to expose these ideas to the world. I did not hide. I failed in the battle, not in my head.


I wish you all well.