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1tearing her back end down tonight to clean, repaint and rebuild.11

Elf Stories: 184




Elf Stories: 184

By Lucien Maier

Edited By Temperance Penrod



          I got a late start, but I was dead set to have a good ride. I smell winter in the air and when she grabs hold this year I don’t think she 184mapwill let go till spring. Its good we need the water, but with the snow comes putting the bike up on blocks.

I can feel it.

The season is drawing to a close and I wanted to do one route. Which was a long review of the entire year of riding. As best as I can figure I have put about 12,000 miles on Elf. Give or take.

She has done a charity rides, she has done one long trip to Aspen and back, and countless buzzes around the area.

I am a little sad I did not get up north this season, but I aim to change that next season. As I did my final check, I thought through all the problems and issues that I have fought through and fixed on this bike.

Building Elf was an amazing experience, but she is a job that never ends. It sure seems that every time I sit for a minute thinking about what I have done to her, I have sit for two more to think about what I want to do.

Elf, started as a 1981 KZ1000m CSR. She however is not the same bike, in fact there is not one bolt in the bike that has not been pulled out by myself or my good buddy who helped me build her.

She has been testy but the closer I get to perfect, the more reliable she becomes. So faced with the prospect of Winter landing soon, I woke up and got ready on Sunday morning. I was going on the route today.

I got geared up and gave the family smooches as I hit the door. Elf was ready and we were off the gas station in a moment. Cruising through my small hometown just outside of Salt Lake is always fun.

You can almost hear the grumbles from peoples bedrooms as I roar by. I got my gas and rode I80 into Downtown Salt Lake City, I ducked over to 400 south. 400 south is a strange road that has a sharp s-turn in it just above 900 East.

I like to ride it when I am in the area because it sharpens your skills. However this time we carved the double turn with no chop on the throttle, or roll off. So I was very happy with myself.

I wrapped around to Foothill Blvd a quick left, and headed for the base of Immigration canyon. I love the canyon, it is home base for canyon riding for me.

I rode the KZ400 I started on, and the first KZ1000 I owned oh so many years ago, even rode the original bike Elf was built out of, through this Canyon.

Point 1 on the map


Normally I stop at the base but this day I just rolled straight in and started slicing through the turns.Elf ate it up.

It was not warm. Once inside the caynon walls.It was a cold blast to the top. I was not too hot because the road was still wet. Although I 1made good time to top of the canyon where I pulled off in the parking lot.

Point 2 on the map


No ten bicycles today. Just me.

When I came out from relieving myself a Shadow 600 had pulled in to the lot. I had to smile because it was that same make/model bike my wife has been looking at all summer. You could see he was starting out, but determined to be a strong rider.

We spoke briefly about the bikes and then he took off down the canyon. I got the impression he was hoping I would tag along, but I had my own route to ride. I geared up and dropped into Parleys canyon and caught I-80 eastbound up to Wanship.

This can be a fast fun part of the ride, but construction can bring any route to its knees. Once clearing the seemly millions of orange barrels, I pulled off to my spot in Wanship. I got a cup of coffee and a 2snack and hung out.

Point 3 on the map


I geared up and rode out to Browns Canyon. Its not overly tight and technical, but it has some nice parts to work on throttle control.

It was about this point in the ride I was thinking about that. I smiled to myself because my wrist didn’t hurt because of what I have 4learned about throttle control. On early runs this season my wrist would have been screaming at me by this point.

I shook out my throttle hand just to keep it loose and then I buzzed down to the 189. I rode into Heber as Jordanelle slipped by me on the left. This part of the ride really reminds me of the ride I did with the Masons. We had come through Heber.

Point 4 on the map

Even though I was going backwards on the route the emotions from that ride surged through me as I buzzed next to Deer Creek.

It was pretty cool to roll in a pack of bikes, I wrote about that in a piece called. “Riding With the Masons”.

At the top of Provo canyon I sta6rted to think about Utah County, which brought up my interactions with ABATE.

I am still not sure what to think. It’s not them, they are a great group of people. I don’t think I fit in. I have a few friends there, but mostly just curious faces. I must seem like an odd duck to them. Check out (“Riding Home”, “Ride on my Own” and “Not Just this ride” to see how I fell in with them.)

Point 5 on the map


Coming down the canyon next to Bridal Veil Falls.

(picture from a different trip)

I think I just realized that I don’t fit anywhere. I am never going to. However, it seems that now I am ok with that. As I rode down into happy valley, I headed for I-15 North to 73 which took me out to a gas station.

The same gas station where I camped out in the rain while I gathered my wits, sanity, and bravery to continue home.

That ride (which I wrote about in a piece called “Wet”) was one that taught me so many things. Now today was sunny, but the late start was starting to catch up to me. I climbed on and again noticed my fatigue level was not anywhere near the start of the season.

As I rode on 73 around the horn of Flattop mountain, I was really wondering if riding will ever stop teaching me. I can’t describe correctly the feelings that over take me when I ride.

I chested into the Tooele valley.


At this point I was really strapped for time, so I shot straight for home. When I got home I was in a rush and jumped straight into some family stuff. It’s not really till now how I see how this ride truly sewed up my season.

This was to be my last ride, But it turned out not to be.

I took one more ride to Dugway.

and one more with my buddy after that.


But as you can see she is now tucked away for winter. With some new parts and ideas on the way. This ride helped me process the whole season. Thanks for coming along.



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The Long Way Down

From The IN THE BLOOD Series:

Introduction: The long way down.

A small pebble came down and hit him square in the forehead. “Son ITBcover (1)Of A Bitch! Watch where you put those big ass clod hoppers.” Taylor yelled above him.

Scott laughed, “I’m sorry did I hit you?” He asked back, trying to sound innocent. Scott started to whistle as he pushed his foot in the wall. He pushed off the foot catching the next hold with his fingertips. His arm flexed, and pulled him to the next safe hold for his foot.
“You know damn well you hit me. Stop being so proud of it.” Taylor yelled back. They continued to climb and banter towards the top of the cliff. They had been climbing together for years.
Someone who did not know them would think they were arguing all the time. But in actuality, they were the best of friends. They had climbed many places in Utah’s incredible landscape.
They had spent some great summers exploring Utah’s backcountry. Scott was the one that brought Taylor into climbing. They had been friends since before either of them could remember.
Taylor and Scott had met at the library. Very few times does a friendship endure through story time. However, their friendship had endured. It was one thing both of them had learned to count on, even when everything had been taken away.
That first summer they had become fast friends. They spent summers going around Salt Lake City, and exploring the mountains behind their homes. It had been rough on Taylor, as he had lost his family when he was thirteen.

This was one of their favorite faces to tackle.  It had an incredible view, but most unique was the fact that as you climbed up the sheer rock wall not twenty feet away was a roaring waterfall.

Hanging eighty feet in the air, next to thousands of gallons of roaring water, was quite unique.  After twenty minutes of climbing, Taylor finally swung his leg into the last hold and popped over the edge.

When they got up to the top they sat with their feet dangling off the edge. They looked out into the valley below. Taylor had short dark hair, that if left to its own devices, would turn into a curly mess over time, his eyes were a strange hazel. He had a light build, a little too skinny. He was about six feet tall.
Scott on the other hand, had long blond hair, and deep blue eyes. He was medium build, and slightly shorter than Taylor.
They both lit up a cigarette and relaxed, as much as one can sitting on the top of a one hundred foot cliff. “So, we going to tackle the upper face today?” Scott asked.
“Tiffany going to be pissed at you if we do?” Taylor asked in return. Tiffany was Scott’s girlfriend and expected them back in a couple of hours. They would have a hard time making that time if they attempted the upper face today.
Although, Tiffany had been around them long enough to know that they would always climb one more face, or ride another couple miles. Taylor and Scott shared many traits, and the willingness to always go one more step, was one of those.
The upper face was not far, but they would have to cross the river and hike about a half mile. “Well, she won’t be that mad.” Scott replied.
“Your funeral.” Taylor said laughing.
Taylor and Scott sat in silence and took in the view. Sometimes Taylor and Scott could go for an hour without a word. They were not talking, but they were still in sync with each other.
They had been friends for so long, they had a bond deeper than language. They enjoyed one of those moments now.
First Taylor’s family, and when they were eighteen they had lost Scott’s mother, who had taken Taylor in. They had only had each other.
Scott had Tiffany as well, Taylor on the other hand seemed to prefer to be alone. However, as in most cases this was not the full truth. When Taylor’s parents had died, he had a girlfriend. Scott still got angry to that day when her name was brought up in conversation.
She had left Taylor because it did not fit into her plan to deal with a grieving boyfriend. Taylor was never mad at her, saying that he understood. However, the cold shoulder she received from Scott, was legendary.
Taylor had been pushed, set up, tricked into, and any other method you can imagine to meet this girl or that. He never took more interest than friendship.

They finished their smokes and got up, Scott stretched his back.

“You okay to go on there old man?” Taylor asked.

“What the fuck man you are older than me.” Scott snapped back, smiling.

“Only in body.” Taylor replied.

“That’s the truth.” Scott said rolling his eyes.

They walked over to a crossing point on the river. A rope was fixed to both sides of the river to allow them to wade across.

They clipped into the rope and started to inch across through the ice cold water. The cold water waking up all their senses, the cold almost made Scott reconsider his decision to take on the upper face.

When they were half way across the river, the rope started to make a strange noise. Taylor looked at the two tie off points, they were secure. The noise came again. What they could not see was the rope had frayed away and with the new weight of the two young men on it. The rope could not hold very long.

“I don’t like the sound of that MOVE!” Taylor yelled over the rumble of the river. Taylor was almost across when he felt the rope go. It had snapped at the weak point. It let Taylor and Scott loose.  Taylor reached and grabbed Scott by the forearms. Scott tumbled into the water, but Taylor had a good grip.
The current was very strong, Taylor held on with all his might. “Get on your feet!” He screamed at Scott who flailed wildly in the water.  The rope had ripped free they were now entirely on their own in the current.
Scott gained his footing and started to come out of the water, he took a step forward. Both of them thought it was over, but Taylor took a step and slipped on a rock.  He dropped into the water now Scott, disparately to keep upright, also toppled into the water.
Taylor and Scott both saw their short lives flash before their eyes. Although it was only a second, it seemed much longer to both of them.
They were pushed and rolled by the water to edge of the waterfall. They disappeared over the edge of the fall, and into the spray of the waterfall.
The birds went back to singing as if nothing had ever happened. The two young men swallowed by the river and no trace of them could be seen or heard.

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Een Nacht (a story from In The Blood)

Een  Nacht

(A short story from the IN THE BLOOD series)

By Lucien Maier



‘When you’re as old as I am you tend to have a few stories.’ -Thier787361c55fd6a6a692f894926914bbfcant


The celebration was huge, it seemed that all the people of the country were in high spirits. And who would not be? The futbal this year is the more exciting than it had ever been. The country settling into its new lifestyle, and the mood was light.

Thierant smiled at a pretty girl as he got on his motorcycle a smaller bike but very agile for Amsterdam streets. It was proudly painted orange in support for the team. Now normally this would be bad enough but on this day it was even worse.

It was the night before a futbal match that would go down in history. He was off to a party to celebrate that fact. So he had a orange jacket on and his face was painted orange. He even had on orange socks.

He started his bike, and took off down the street. Within a few minutes he was at the site of the party. The night started well, the party was wonderful and Thierant meet more than his share girls. He had also had to much to drink.

To his credit he did wait two hours before leaving, but now he sat on his bike for a moment. Smiling like a fool. When a sensation came over him he had not felt for a while. He turned there were three of them, and they were addicted to be sure.

He had not seen addicted vampires in The Netherlands for quite a while. It was most likely the futbal match that had brought them here.

Their eyes blazed red. Thierant grinned, he waved at the three of them. The moment they saw him they knew who he was.  They started to run over, Thierant started the bike and shot out into the street. What Thierant had not planned on was them jumping on on the bikes next to his.

‘Verdomme’ Thierant chided himself, as they gained speed behind him.

Soon he would need to change his identity he hated the process, it meant going underground for at least four years. He hating the sitting and waiting. However it seemed as if everyone knew him, again.

As they shot onto Heiligeweg Thierant got a small smile on his face. The plan had just popped into his head and he couldn’t help giggle at the idea.

A smile plastered on his face, and he slid his rear tire into a right turn onto Herengracht. All three of them made the turn without too much trouble. Thierant would have normally never even attempted something like this, but the mood, the time, the beer were all just right. So Thierant bared down and hit his throttle.

He swung a quick left the bike shuttering as he did, and then he pulled the throttle all the way back. The bike shot forward. He knew he had more speed than the three pursuers. The canal quickly approached. Thierant predicted it would be about ninety feet to the other side.

One of the reasons Thierant thought he could make it was that earlier he had noticed a cart with a slab of wood leaned on it. A ramp of sorts. He ducked lower and hit the throttle as fast he could. He hit the ramp just right and hucked himself into the air. Thierant was airborne.

Two approached the ramp one hit the ramp the other went straight off the edge and into the canal.  Thierant worried his bike did not look like it was going to make it. The last rider hit the ramp he had been behind but his much larger bike got the best speed off the jump.

The first vampire to jump after Thierant was not in good shape he quickly crashed into the water. Thierant was not out of the woods his bike was not going to make it. He pushed himself off the bike he floated through air and he barely made the edge of the canal.

He tumbled onto the ground. When he stopped a  smile spread on his lips, but it quickly dropped off his face when the last of his pursuers made the entire jump with his bike. He was not able to land perfectly but then again his bike was not at the bottom of a canal ether.

‘God Verdomme.’ Thierant said at being trumped, on his own stunt.

The vampire stood up and ran over to him. They locked in combat. They broke and the vampire came directly at Thierant. Just as he was about to make contact Thierant reached out and grabbed his arm. With a drop of his hip Thierant launched the vampire into the air straight  for the canal.


Thierant broke out laughing.

‘Goeienacht,  HUP HOLLAND!’

He gave big bow and ran off into the night he ran off into the night. Laughing.



Dutch translation:

Een  Nacht, is one night

Verdomme is damn it

Heiligeweg is a street name (AM Positive I said it incorrectly in audio version sorry)

Herengracht is also a street name. (also pronounced this wrong in the audio version sorry)

God Verdomme: means GOD damn it

Goeienacht means good night.

Hup Holland is basic Go Holland


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The Old Way From OF THE WOLF

Introduction: The Old Way,

(the First chapter from the OF THE WOLF series)

“Must we run every morning?” The older wolf grumbled, as his large otweyes slowly opened. His brother had shaken him awake with a large grin on his face. His smile of fangs was about the only thing that showed through the dark.
He didn’t answer him, as he had heard the question a million times.

“Come on.” He said.

They both crept out of the cave that he had been sleeping in. As Bour’don and Langston walked out into the early morning air, Langston breathed deep.
“This is why.” Bour’don said as they looked out over the peaceful woods.

The day was ready to burst over the mountains and flood the valley with light. This valley had been their home for many generations, far from the civilizational of the humans.
Bour’don and Langston were not actually brothers, they were however according to the pack. And as Langston was so fond of growl, “The pack is all that matters.”
Langston stood and stretched his back.

“Stop wasting time brother.” And he jumped off the perch of rock they were on. Bour’don cocked his head, and was about to retort about being the one to get him up.
However, it was no use Langston was already in a full run.
Bird Dropping” he rumbled from his throat and he launched through the air. He paws hitting the pine needles and dirt as he ran after him.
It only took a moment for Bour’don to catch up and run alongside him. They zoomed through the forest.

“Sometimes Langston, you are a real asshole.” Bour’don growled.
“Don’t say such things about your pack leader brother.” He retorted.

Bour’don snuffled, he did not like being berated and it seemed Langston was beginning to do it more and more often. Bour’don pulled in his emotions, he kept calm.
Their father had died seven moons ago and Langston had been the next in succession. He did well leading and kept everyone safe and hidden, but the power had changed him. As of late Bour’don had become more and more the target, that Langston chooses to exert his new power on.
Bour’don had always been outspoken but it had never bothered Langston before. But now things were different. As if Langston was worried Bour’don would challenge him for power, but even the idea of that seemed strange to Bour’don.

Bour’don had no desire to tell anyone what to do. He had no interest in leading anything.
A river approached as they ran, Langston used all four of his feet and all of his effort to launch himself and almost cleared the river. Only his rear paws getting wet.
Bour’don on the other hand, had come up with a better way. He jumped into a large tree and then from his higher platform had jumped easily over the river.
Langston had seen Bour’don’s leap and anger started to boil in him.
They ran, “Why must you do that?” Langston asked a dark tone in his voice.
“What do you mean?” Bour’don asked.
“Always trying to figure out a better way to do things.” Langston growled back, apparent now he was in no mood to joke.
“I don’t know? Why does it matter? You’re the one with wet feet.” Bour’don egged on, he knew he should not have done it, but he could not resist. He looked over to Langston and tried to give a smile.
It was met with no more than a sneer. “It is dangerous for the pack.” Langston said.
“What?” Bour’don asked now confused and a little angry about being called out. “How would that be dangerous?” Bour’don asked.
“You could bring on change.” His brother said.
“So, a little change would be good for the pack.” Bour’don said.
“What?” Langston howled. “The way of the pack is all we have. You will not change that.”
“Change has nothing to do with the pack. We are bound by family. The way we do things has little to do with it.” Bour’don replied.
“Do not speak to me like that.” Langston snarled. “You will not bring change to our way.” They ran. Langston lost in the abandon of pushing his body through its paces.
Bour’don however, dejected, felt angry and small. He wanted to lash out on his brother. There was no reason for this outburst toward him. He wanted to say more, and fight for his ideals, but he knew it would do little good.
Langston was as locked into the rules and tradition as any wolf could be. Bour’don had never wanted the power of pack leader. However, he did worry that his brother would not be a very fair leader.
He held his tongue and continued to run. He was careful not to overtake him, although he could have done so easily, he was not allowed ever to pass the pack leader by pack law.
It was rules such as these that drove Bour’don to the brink of rebellion. It was not that he did not respect the laws, just that some of them seemed mundane and stupid, based more on instinct than on actual logic.
They skirted through the woods at top speed for over an hour. Bour’don could have gone forever, but he followed as their run came to an end.
Bour’don had always pushed his body and himself. He could spend entire days climbing one section of rock, or attempting a leap over and over until he got it right. The other wolves ran, but Bour’don lived for bettering his psychical ability.
Not that he did it to be strong, or superior to anyone. He did it to push his own limits, not only in his body, but his mind as well. He had become attuned to coming up with alternative ways to making leaps or climbs.
This in turn, opened him to the school of thought that he should look at everything from all angles.  He started coming up with better ways to do things. Until he could not help but look for ways to improve everything.
However even before Langston had taken charge, it was not looked upon as a good thing. When he was younger he used to tell the wolves of his ideas. His words always fell on deaf ears, or more so ears that did not dare to listen.
Although, many of the wolves in the pack looked toward Bour’don with amazement at the things he could accomplish, he also frightened them.
Bour’don could even be found in the woods by himself practicing a form a meditation, centering himself with the earth. He was truly a wolf like none of the others in the pack.
They slowed to a walk as they came into the area the pack was living in.  They were greeted by smiles and good mornings. The area was a clearing in the thick woods. They lived modestly and on the move.

Although they did tend to go around to the same places every year, the pack had done so for more years than any of them could remember. They followed the laws of the pack, because those laws kept them safe. At least that is what they believed.
There were about twenty wolves in the pack. They had all floated into the woods when they had begun to feel the change. While in their conversion most of them had been found and brought to the camp.
Werewolf’s start out people, that is true enough. In their teenage years they will naturally float away from their human life, and at nineteen they make their conversion. None of them really knew what caused them to come about.
They did know it was very rare, and seemed to have no rhyme or reason. As humans the wolves would usually keep much to themselves. They never feel quite right being around other people. Then as they would come closer to their conversion they would draw away from civilization.

And then they would change.
Some would live out their time alone; some would wind up in a pack of other werewolves. The legends say a werewolf can turn back and forth. Bour’don had never heard of a wolf that could do this.
The wolves avoided humans like the plague. Their father used to tell them stories about a great werewolf community that was wiped off the earth by the humans.
But as with many things, Bour’don had begun to question those stories.  He had even hiked out to the out skirts of the forest and looked into the small town of humans. He was more curious than anything.
They walked over to Langston’s cave, and his pack mate Rai’en, she gave Langston a small respectful smile.
Then she looked to Bour’don and gave him a large smile. He breathed heavy and smiled around his panting tongue. She could not help, but let small laugh escape her.
“That is your problem brother,” Langston smiled, “you never look like you take anything seriously.” He growled. Bour’don nodded.
“That is because…. I don’t.” Bour’don replied with a smile still plastered on his face.
Langston shook his head at his brother. “I am off to the river.” Langston said, and walked off into the woods. It was a rule that Bour’don had to wait to bath till after Langston had finished, another stupid rule.
Before he had become the pack leader, they had bathed together. Bour’don looked after his brother. Although, he had to admit this particular rule is one he did not mind. Because it gave him a small amount of time to be with Rai’en.
It would be obvious to most that they held a place in their hearts for each other. But she had been given to Langston by their father. Bour’don shook at the thought, the idea of having some ownership over another wolf seemed barbaric to him.
One of the main reasons that Bour’don questioned the laws of the pack so deeply, were rules and ideals like this. There were many concepts that seemed wrong at the base of all their rules. Deep in his soul Bour’don would always secretly hope that one day the pack would see the light and rebuild their ideas from the ground up.
Rai’en and Bour’don spoke for a while, Bour’don leaning back and looking at the tree tops and the sky beyond. He reveled in the sun warming his dark fur. Bour’don stood about seven feet at full height.
He had dark fur with only a few small patches of gray throughout. He eyes were a stunning blue.
“You hurt your arm.” Rai’en said, and he felt her healing paws lift his arm into the light. “Let me patch that for you.” She put some sticky gel over the cut. “You push yourself too hard.” She said, looking up from her work into his eyes.
Her heart skipped a beat. He dazzled her as he had done every morning for the ten years she had been with the pack, but she was not his. She belonged to Langston. She pushed the thoughts away, no matter the feelings the law said different.
“Thank you.” he growled.
They had slowly closed in on each other and were now only a few inches away from each other. The air was electric as the years of unknown passion washed over them. Their eyes locked in a silent conversation of forbidden love.
There were so many things she wanted to say to him, she was desperate to feel him nuzzle against her. She pushed the thought away again this time even harder. Getting angry at herself for even thinking of something so impossible.
They turned away from each other. Both coming to the same conclusion they came to every morning. There was no way to make it happen, the laws of the pack would never allow it.
Both Bour’don and Rai’en had shared the day dream of sneaking away together and building a life. Of course that had never shared it with each other.
Alas, today the damage had already been done.
Langston had been walking back when he had seen them talking. He saw how close they were and anger blew up in him like a bomb. He knew in his heart that Rai’en had always wanted to be with Bour’don. It was not that difficult to see, and that is what angered him.
He was the pack leader and Bour’don gave him the least respect. He used to think he could handle having Bour’don with them, but it started become clear. He knew it was time to take drastic action.
His anger boiled, but he put it aside for now and walked up to the two.
They smiled at him and then Bour’don got up.

“It’s my turn to go to the river.” Bour’don said and walked off.
Langston’s eyes followed him until he was out of sight. He had debated for months now, but he could no longer hold his anger in check. Bour’don had become a danger. Whether he was a danger to the pack or just Langston himself was still in debate. Langston’s anger would no longer be quilled.
He sighed. Soon Bour’don would no longer be a problem for him or the pack. He had thought of the plan many times before, but in the past it seemed like something he could not do. Deep inside, he was still torn.
“All for the good of the pack,” he thought to himself.
Although, even he did not know if he believed it.

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My Pet Werewolf is Crazy


My Pet Werewolf is Crazy
By Lucien Maier
Edited By Temperance Penrod

My Pet werewolf is crazy!         

Oh hi….
Yeah so, a heres the thing,
He has been stomping around in my head for years.
Now through the pen he has escaped.

Watch out cause he is on the way,
And I can’t do anything to control him.
Vampires at least listened to me, and somewhat did what I said.

But these wolves have a mind of their own.
And they NEVER listen.

I can’t wait for everyone to meet Ty’ous.
But I wont be held responsible for what he does to your house….
I said he had been stomping around in my head for years….
Wonder if he did any damage…..


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The Wastes a story in THAB

The Wastes

A story about the The Black Shucks

From the To Hell and Back Series


By Lucien Maier

Edited By Temperance Penrodthab




A demon walked up to him. “I believe that is the last of them.” He reported.

“Except Angra Mainyu.” Lucifer replied.

The demon slouched. “Yes, except for Angra Mainyu.” The Demon dutifully replied.

“I want an investigation team to figure out how this occurred. And I want a team formed to go out and find him. Report all details to me.” The Devil said.

“Yes.” The Demon replied and hurried off


The team was formed and went into the wastes. Faced with no information the young demon refused to return empty handed so he grabbed some gear and sent the team home to report the lack of anything.

In the Wastes he remained, watching.



Ryan had sat down and laid out the charter of the club, with Lucifer’s approval, the cuts had been handed out to the the founding five members, and they had been made the officers. The Black Shucks were the first and only Motorcycle Club in Hell.

The Twins had become the Secretary and Treasurer. Hantu wore the Secretary patch and Kopek wore the treasurer patch, however since they are connected so deeply they both handled the jobs together, as they always had.

Beleth was made the sergeant at arms. His pride was unstoppable after he put the cut on. For the huge demon, it was a dream come true.

Frank was made the Vice president, and Ryan the President. With the club’s structure decided, they had set to work overseeing the club house construction.

With that construction now complete, they sat around a large table and called the first meeting or “church” to order.

They discussed a few final things about the club house and setting up the club. When Frank spoke up. “It can’t be just us five. We need to get hang arounds and prospects.” He observed.

“Frank is right, we will need to expand our numbers,” Kopek said,

“But how do we get word out?” Hantu finished the thought.

Ryan smiled. “That is the easy part. I think it is time we take a ride.”

He let the table in on the idea, and soon the gavel dropped to mark the close of the meeting. The five of them went outside, Ryan mounted his motorcycle and the rest followed suit. Ryan flashed back to being a kid. Seeing a large group of motorcycles pass him and his emotions pulling towards the pack.

He looked back at the four behind him, Frank smiled, Frank had dawned the hard biker look for years before his ascension. The only real change was his skin was now charred the color of Hell.

The twins worn what appeared to be skin tight jeans, although it could be pondered if that had indeed been painted on. Hantu and Kopek wore a cut like the rest, the difference being they did not wear any shirt under it. Modesty had never been a strong point for the two.

As if this was not enough Beleth rounded out the pack. At almost ten feet tall, and on a motorcycle to match. Even in this pack he stood out. As the motors came to life, Ryan smiled. He knew exactly how they would recruit future members, by riding.

He pulled out with the crew behind him. As The Black Shucks rode through the busiest parts of Hell, every eye was on them. Ryan had been right and as they left the limits of the city and rode into the wastes. Many imaginations through-out had been set alight.

Many Demons grabbed on to a new dream as they rode by, to become one of The Black Shucks.

They rode for a time into the wastes. The wastes of Hell were full of incredible landscapes. A large Brimstone mountain range sat in the far distance. The road was a black two lane Blacktop, excepting that all the dashes and marking were done in red.

Spires and arches of brimstone shot out of the Cracked fiery ground all around them. Ryan ran them hard pushing the bike and his pack to the limits. Ryan then pulled them off the road by a large arch.

The smiles were huge on all their faces, the wind of the road brushing through their moods. They laughed and joked with each other. However, what they had not noticed is they were not alone.

He watched them pull up, he had spent a great deal of  time watching. He had felt that he had failed Lucifer when Angra Mainyu had escaped. He had gone out into the wastes to find Angra, but all these months and still no sign.

At first when he had seen the pack of motorcycles he had thought it would be Mainyu. However as they drew closer, he was able to see that Angra did not ride with them. He waited behind the arch for them to pass.

He was somewhat surprised when they pulled over right at the arch he was using for cover. Worried these bikers were in league with Angra Mainyu he decided to not let his presence be known.

Beleth was joking with Frank when the smell hit him. There was a demon out here, he motioned to Frank and quietly they snuck around the rock. Before he knew he had been discovered Frank was in front of him smiling. He turned to run away and ran straight into Beleth’s waiting arms.

The young demon knew he had no chance, they all walked around the arch. “Looks like we have an eavesdropper.” Beleth said, let the demon go at the feet of Ryan.

The demon stood definite at Ryan, “If you are with Angra Mainyu you will get nothing from me” The young demon spat out.

Frank stepped in to the conversation, “We are not with Mainyu. We are with Lucifer.” Frank replied.

The suspicion did not leave the demons face, but the was relief in his gaze now. “What do you know of Mainyu?” Frank asked.

“When he escaped I failed Lucifer, so I went out into the wastes. I have been searching for him since.” The demon admitted.

“I am very sure that Lucifer would not see it this way. You should come back with us.” Ryan chimed in.

“No, my job is not done yet. I will not return to Lucifer with no information.” the Demon said, although it had taken all his resolve to remain in the wastes. For what seemed like endless amounts of time, watching, waiting.

Ryan started to object but was stayed by Frank. Frank knew what it was like to fail in an endeavor for Lucifer. The twins and he had gone out after Angra Mainyu, what seemed like a long time ago.

They had barely escaped, and in that Frank understood that this was something the young demon would have to complete for himself. “We will leave you here to your work. However, I will say this. Your role will not always be the watcher, I see the Black Shucks in your future.” Frank said. Ryan and the rest were confused but decided to follow his lead.


They bid the young demon their best and mounted their bikes, Soon the pack left him behind in blazed down the road. He watched them go, the one they called Frank had seen into him. Frank had seen much of himself in the young demon, and had a strong feeling about him.

He turned back to the waste, to his home. However for the first time in a long while, he wondered if it would always be his home.


Time passed. Many events transpired.

At the same table the subject of New members came up up again. Troian now held the gavel, and his hold on his leadership was much stronger now.

Some would say Ryan and Troian were the same people. That however, is a story that is only understood once one has heard it for themselves.

“Its settled we all will bring possible prospects back to the clubhouse for a party tonight, In the morning we will decide which shall be given the chance to ride with the Shucks.” Troian stated and dropped the gavel.

They all went their own ways, Frank however went straight to his bike. The twins caught up with him before he screamed off down the road. “Did you want us…” Hantu started.

“To go with you?” Kopek finished.

“No you’ve heard Troian you have to find a hang around to. I know where I will find mine.” Frank said. He smiled and put his bike in gear and disappeared. Hantu and Kopek looked at each other.

“He has a point, Finding ones who want to hang out with Black shucks.” Kopek started,

“Its no problem, finding ones that are worthy of being here, may prove more difficult.” Hantu replied. The twins sat on their bikes and tried to figure out who would be worthy of the chance.

Frank rode, into the wastes. The young watcher demon was out here. Frank had been riding out to find him for a time now. He wanted to let him know that Angra was no more, and that he could return.

He had rode out to the arch twice with no luck. This time he rode out to the mountain range that lay behind it. He rode up to a ridge and stood staring into what seemed like an endless range of mountains.

“Frank?” came the question, although Frank could not see who spoke it.

“Watcher?” Frank asked.

Frank brought him up to speed. With the new knowledge the watcher decided to return with Frank. It took them a long time ride back and when they arrived at The Black Shucks’ clubhouse the party was in full swing.

Troian was careful not to join too much in the party, to get a good scope on who would be good for prospects. When Frank finally pulled up Troian figured out exactly who he had gotten for the party.

Troian remembered meeting him by the arch, and remembered the devotion. Frank had chosen well. The next morning The Black Shucks gave out its first prospect cut, and it was to Watcher.

Watcher then began to work to show he would be worthy of a full membership patch.

The impact of The Black Shucks would not be limited to Hell, their influence would soon be felt across all the realms. But that is a story for another time.




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The Vacation (The Prelude to TO HELL AND BACK ‘Ascending’)

The Vacation (The Prelude to TO HELL AND BACK ‘Ascending’)

By Lucien Maier

Edited By Temperance Penrod


“No phones, no email, no contact for the summer. We will

bc706223b20f0fbc71a4f58b9f3cee09 come get you when your time off is over. It’s been far too long since you have had some time away.”

“Yes sir, but I am worried…” But he had been cut off.

“Let us worry about it. You have run the place for more yea
rs than I would like to count without a break. Go, and remember, have a good time.” He said and the phone went dead.

He set the phone down in its cradle.

Well I guess that is the final word, he thought to himself. He got up from the amazing desk and walked out to the rest of the offices. It was state of the art through and through. It was the Castle of his kingdom.

A kingdom he had built, but not on his own. He walked out to a storm of questions, but he held up his hand.

“I am on vacation.” He said, a smile spreading on his face. He walked straight out the door, he was off to pack. He didn’t know where he wanted go. As long as it was cool, he was tired of the heat.

Within two hours he was ready to go. He decided he would ride his motorcycle. He would head North, and see the snow.



The bike purred. It was a bright red Italian sports bike. Far too fast for his riding skills, but that did not deter him in pushing the bike to its limits. He had rode from the lower states and now was deep into Montana.

It was the second day of the trip and for the first time in years, he was smiling. His edge slowly dulled by the road. He couldn’t help think of all the books he had read about the joy of hitting the open road.

He had never really expected to take a trip like this but now that he was on it, he started to realize what a great emotional release it had already become. He felt different than he ever had.

His concentration lapsed as he looked at the beautiful mountains to his right. A small cabin tucked into the foothills. He never saw the small rock laying in the middle of his lane. By the time the front tire had hit the rock it was too late.

First he was airborne and then pain flashed through him and everything went dark.



The old truck barely started, but when it did and she got down the road from the bank, her emotions overwhelmed her and she began to cry. Her father had built the cabin, her family, all gone now, had all grown up there.

Sharon only had her son left, but he was so jaded by his hard life, even he kept her at arms length at all times. Now the cabin and the land it was sitting on was in so much debt she could not see how they would be there for longer than a month.

Twenty miles down the road, she had gotten her emotions under control. Her ranch was coming up on the right. She saw something up the road, try as she might she could not identify.  As she rolled closer she could see the high end Italian motorcycle laying barely off the side of the road in pieces.

She scanned up and to her horror there lay a body, a full 60 feet away from the bike. She drove up to the body very quickly. He was bleeding from almost every part. She got out and ran up next to him.

“Are you alright?” she asked, his eyes popped open almost instantly.

“Yes, I am fine.” He answered. His eyes smoldered into hers.

“Ummm, I have a hard time believing that, your bleeding from everywhere.” She said trying to pull out her cell phone to call the police.

He pushed her phone down. “Honest, I am ok.” He labored to his feet. He walked over to the bike. She was amazed that he did not seem ginger on his injuries at all. “I guess I will need to get my bike fixed.”  He said with not much emotion.

“There is a shop in town.” She replied.

“Which way is that?” He asked.

She pointed down the road the way she had come.

“Thanks for the help.” He said and started walking down the road.

“You just going to walk?” She asked.

“Yeah, I will get a hotel room and get cleaned up, then come back for the bike.” He turned back and said as he walked.

Her eyes smoldered into his again. Now Sharon had been raised smart, and not to take stupid risks. However, for some reason she could not resist.

“Why don’t I take you up to the ranch? You can get cleaned up there and then maybe we can get a tow truck out to pick up the bike and take you into town.” She suggested.

“Are you sure?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at her lapse in judgement.

“Well, no, I should probably know your name?” She asked, her better judgement told her of the risks, but something made her quiet those fears.

“Lu….Lucas is my name.” He looked at her again and again she felt warm inside.

They got into the truck and made the quick drive up to the cabin. When they pulled up her sixteen year old son came out.

“Hi mom, who’s this?” He asked about the guest.

“His name is Lucas. He just crashed his motorcycle. We are going to let him clean up and get a tow truck. Lucas, this is my son Ryan.” She introduced them.

Lucas held out his hand and the young man shook it with a strong grip.

“You ride a bike?” Ryan asked, his interest peaked.

Sharon perked up at the interest. It seemed that Ryan had no interest in anything. Now he seemed entranced.

“Yeah, well apparently not very well.” Lucas laughed.

They went into the house and Sharon showed Lucas the guest shower and he went in. He got in the shower, most of the cuts were surface, although it seemed he had cuts everywhere. Once Lucas dried off he pulled on his jeans, he walked out. Sharon sat him down and helped dress the major cuts.

“It’s amazing, but you don’t have one major injury. You are one lucky guy.” Sharon said.

“One man’s luck is another man’s fate I suppose.” He said quietly.

Ryan was in the room. “Can I go with him to get the bike mom?” He asked.

The worry rose in her, but she had not seen him so engaged in a long time. The new arrival had a big effect on him. Well, if she was honest, it was not just on him.

“Alright, we will both take the truck down with him. Maybe we can put the bike on the truck and drive Lucas into town.” She replied.

“That would be outstanding.” Lucas said.

A few moments later they were on the way to get the bike. The wreckage looked bad. Ryan and Sharon began to worry they would not be able to lift the bike into the truck bed.

However, it seemed to float into the back of the bed of the truck.The two felt as if they had barely lifted anything.

Lucas smiled “Teamwork.”

They jumped back in the truck and headed into the town. They went to the one bike shop in town. The mechanic came out and looked at the wreckage.

He let out a whistle. “Wow, I have only seen these in magazines. I don’t think I can fix this though. Or at least it would take a long time.” He assessed.

“How fast can you get a new one?” Lucas asked.

“Ummm, I don’t know a week. That is gonna cost a mint though.” He said.

“Can I pay for accelerated shipping?” Lucas asked.

“Umm, yeah, I guess I could have one here in three days. But we are looking at close to twenty-two grand to get that done. I am sure…” But he was cut off.

Lucas pulled out his wallet, “That sounds fine.”

The only eyes that were not wide at the statement were Lucas’s. The mechanic stammered for a moment and then a large smile spread across his face.

“Alright, come on in and we will write up the paperwork.” He said, leading them into the bike showroom.

Ryan happily looked around at the bikes as Lucas and the mechanic got the order together and paid for. Sharon stood to the side and looked at Ryan smiling at all the machines. Maybe, if they could get some money together, she could get him a starter bike.

They had always scared her, but if it could overshadow the life he had gone through, then she would be willing to get over her fear. She had never met anyone that acted like Lucas, but she could not stop looking at him. A warm rush flowing over her each time.

Soon the mechanic was walking them out thanking Lucas profusely for the business. They unloaded the wreckage of the old bike.

“You guys have been so accommodating, would you allow me to buy you dinner?” Lucas  asked.

“I suppose that would be alright.” Sharon replied.

“What is the nicest place in town?” Lucas asked.

“Lenard’s. It’s a steakhouse. I have never been there.” Ryan blurted out.

Sharon’s eyes got wide at him. “No, that is a tourist restaurant and extremely expensive.” Sharon said.

“Well I am a tourist, and I say we go to Lenard’s.”  Lucas said. Ryan was beside himself. She tried to protest, but Lucas would have none of it.

A few moments later they pulled into the fancy restaurant’s parking lot. They had a meal they would all remember for years, laughing and joking as if they ran the world.

Once the last bite was eaten they went out to the truck and, of course, it would not start. Lucas hopped out and two minutes after he got under the hood, he told Sharon to try it and it fired right up. He closed the hood and got in they drove to the motel.

They had no vacancy. “I can hitch hike back to the last town and see if they have an open room. Thanks again for all the help and the company at dinner.” Lucas said, he turned to go.

“Mom he could stay with us.” Ryan said hopefully.

She thought again about how far out of the rules this whole idea was, but in the end, she knew she would not have it any other way. “He is right Lucas, stay with us until the bike is here?” She asked.

“Not smart to bring strange men home.” Lucas said with a sly smile.

“You crashed in front of my home, I did not bring you there, that has to count for something.” They all laughed.

They loaded into the truck. He slept on the couch in the front room.



He woke up in the morning early to Sharon’s hushed voice on the phone. “I know how far behind I am Bill, but please give us some time. This cabin has been in my family since it was built.” She paused. “Yeah I know, you gotta do what you gotta do.”

Lucas closed his eyes and acted as he had heard none of it, but a smile settled on his lips. Doing good deeds was not something he had gotten to do very often in his career. He decided it was a good time to try it out.

He got up and had breakfast with them. Then he asked Sharon if he could borrow the truck to check on some things in town. Again, she had to convince herself past her trust issues, but she let him take it.

He drove off, Ryan looked after him. “I sure like him mom. You think he will let me see the bike before he takes off?” Ryan asked.

“Yes honey, I think he will.” Sharon replied. He had done it. Against all odds, she trusted Lucas.




His first stop was the bank. He sat down with the loan officer named Bill. After thirty minutes of talking and arranging, he looked Bill straight in the eye. “Don’t tell her what I have done here today. You call her one more time and let her know she has some time to work things out.

But then don’t call anymore. Then, after I leave, you can call and tell her the whole story. Ok.” Lucas stated more than asked.

“Oh Yes sir, we will be sure to keep your secret, and thanks again for the business.” Lucas stood and gave Bill a fiery handshake.

“Honor is a much better route for you Bill. In the long run.” Lucas said and was out of the door.

Next, he stopped by the motorcycle shop. The mechanic introduced him to the owner. Who was, of course, overjoyed to see their newest, and best customer ever back. Lucas however, quickly made it clear he would only be dealing with Frank the mechanic.

“Want to go out for a smoke?” Lucas asked Frank.

“Awe I’m real sorry, I just got back from my break, I gotta get back in the shop.” Frank said, holding to his duty.

“Oh no, please Frank, take Mr. Lucas out for a smoke. You let me know if you need anything.” The owner said, hustling them out the door. Before they knew it they were out on the street.

Frank let out a little giggle, and then Lucas snickered. Then neither one could hold in the belly laugh.

The owner was confused, he had never seen someone shut him out so quickly. He was no fool though, if the rich man dumping money at him wanted to not talk to him, that was fine. Frank would not be cashing the check, he would.

Lucas stopped laughing enough to ask Frank for a cigarette.

“Yeah sure, here you go.” He handed him one and took one for himself. “How did you know I smoke?” Frank asked, after lighting his smoke.

Lucas tapped his nose.

“But, when you smoke you can’t smell it?” Frank asked.

Lucas smiled at his observant mind. “I don’t smoke unless I want to. It’s a once in a while treat for me.” Lucas explained. “I will smell like them now.” He joked.

“I wish I could do that.” Frank said.

“You can.” Lucas responded in a matter of fact tone that took Frank by surprise. Lucas cocked his head and looked him up and down. “Are you still stuck in that small mind set? Come on Frank, you can do whatever you want. Don’t be limited by what some say.” he said and nodded to the shop. “You have more potential than you will realize for a long time.” Lucas said taking a drag, he let the smoke out in luscious tail, as only an expert smoker could do.

Frank was still chewing over what had just been said to him when Lucas continued to talk. “Hey, that guy that was with me yesterday, he seems real interested in bikes. I think he might have a rider in him. I want to find out if he is.” He said.

“You want to buy him a bike?” Frank asked.

“Sorta, here is what I am thinking.” Lucas began to lay out his plan. The smile on Frank’s face grew bigger and bigger throughout the whole conversation.

They walked in and Lucas paid the bill. The owner once again overjoyed, quietly, from his office. Frank walked Lucas out to the truck. Frank gave him a handshake. “See you soon I hope.” Lucas said and drove off.

Frank reached for his smokes, but then he tucked the pack back in his pocket. He had work to do.

Lucas drove to the auto dealership. He walked through the lot and listened to the salesman prattle on for about ten minutes. Then he turned and looked him straight in the eye. The salesman did not find it a good feeling.

“I will be purchasing a truck here today. I want the information I ask for and no more.” Lucas stated.

“Yes sir.” The Salesman, happy to finally break Lucas’s gaze.

“So now show me trucks you think would be good for ranch work, and tell me why you believe that.” Lucas said.  And off they went to look and test drive a half dozen trucks over the next three hours.

True to his word he bought a truck there. They shook hands, and again the salesman was caught in his gaze. “If anyone asks, I am renting the truck. After I am outta town for good you can answer with the truth.” Lucas stated.

Lucas drove Sharon’s truck back to the ranch, followed by the salesman in the new truck, and his friend in a third car. They pulled in and the salesman gave Lucas the keys. “You have a fantastic day sir.” He said.

Then the salesman and his friend took off down the road.

“What in the world?” Sharon asked.

“Ohhh, Frank said it may take a bit longer for the bike to arrive, so I figured I better get something to get around in. So I rented the truck. Might as well get up into Glacier National Park while I am so close. I was planning on doing some serious riding through there anyway.” Lucas answered.

“Wow! Well, that is a very nice vehicle to do it in.” Sharon said. Ryan nodded as he looked at the truck.

“I know a couple really cool spots if you need a guide.” Ryan said.

“You’re on!” Lucas said.

“Well, I wanted to drop off your truck, and let Ryan know that I stopped by the bike shop. Frank said you should stop by at five, he has an idea or something for ya.” Lucas said, he took a big look around the view. “Guess I better head to my motel for the night. I want to head into the park tomorrow.” Lucas said.

“You are welcome to stay with us. We cleaned out the third room today. It’s not much room, but a good place to sleep, better view here.” Sharon replied, maybe a little too fast.

“That sounds wonderful, but it maybe a week or more, I don’t want to impose.” Lucas said.

“No, not at all. You go explore Glacier and we will serve as your home base as long as you need it.” Sharon stated to him.

“Alright, that sounds good.” Lucas said.

Ryan took off shortly after to meet up with Frank. Two hours later he pulled back in, the bed of the truck full. Frank followed on his bike.

He almost ripped the door off the hinges as he ran in. “You’re not going to believe it Mom! Frank is going to teach me how to work on bikes! And the best part is he is going to do it by helping me build a motorcycle!” He said in one breath.

Frank came in behind Ryan “Hello everyone.” He said.

“You want to build a motorcycle together?” Sharon asked.

They both shook their heads yes.

“Well, let’s see this project.” Lucas said. The two ran out to show ready everything. Lucas and Sharon walked out after them.

“You teach him to be safe for me?” Sharon asked, as they walked out. Dreading the idea, but knowing there was little she could do to stop it at this point.

“I think will he will be fine. I have a feeling this is meant for him.” Lucas replied. They walked outside and over to the truck.

Inside was a bike frame, and boxes of parts. It was an older 440 cc bike and it was taken apart down to the bolts. Just as Frank had been instructed to do.

“Can I use the workshop to build it in mom? If not, Frank’s boss said I could build it there. Maybe if I do it there, I could impress him and get a job?” Ryan blurted out.

“NO.” Lucas said sharply. “There is no good to be had in that shop other than Frank, build it here.”  Lucas said.

“Ok.” Sharon said, looking at him a bit confused. “Sure you can use the shop.”

“Let’s go!” Ryan shouted and drove the truck down to the small shop her father had built to maintain the ranch equipment.

Frank waved at them and headed down. Sharon turned to Lucas. “That might have been a good opportunity for him Lucas. We don’t get the chances you have.” She said, a bit angry at him for butting into their lives.

“No, Sharon. That guy is no good. He is all about the wrong roads, anyway, here I can have a hand in teaching him how to ride it.” Lucas said.

“Alright, but please clear stuff with me first, he is my son. Don’t get me wrong, it’s so great to see him have a passion. But this particular passion scares the hell out of me.” Sharon said.

“Understood, and I apologize.” Lucas said.

The light burned in the shop till midnight, at which point Frank took off for his apartment. With the promise that he would return after work the next day. Then it still burned for another two hours. Ryan finally came in to bed at close to three in the morning, Lucas heard him and smiled.

“I knew he was a rider.” He thought and closed his eyes.



Lucas was up early in the morning. He went on his own that first day into Glacier. He knew Ryan would be right back at the bike. He left a note on the table telling Sharon to take the Truck into town and get it fixed up. He left some cash.

The note on top said:

“Get the truck fixed up, it’s the least I can do. This would have gone to the hotel anyway so please let me pitch in a little. She wanted to say no, but in the end she decided she would agree to payment for the stay.”

Lucas had been long gone once she read the note. She went down to the shop and there was Ryan happily working on his bike.

“Hey honey, I am heading into town for the day. Do you need anything?” She asked.

“No, do you need me to come help.” Ryan said looking up from the bike. “I will.” He said, trying not to show the desperation to stay and work on the bike.

“Ha, No thanks, I think an hour into the trip your head would explode. Thanks for the offer though. It is much appreciated.” Sharon said smiling at him.

She turned to go but he called after her. “You are too you know.” She turned back.

“Appreciated I mean. I know I have not been the best at letting you know that mom. But I really am happy you’re my mom.” Ryan said. “And you are being so cool about the bike, that makes you the best ever.” he added.

“Don’t think so. I am still hoping you won’t get it built.” She teased him.

“No chance of that mom. See you when you get back.” He said.

She turned and walked to the car quickly. On the drive she shed a tear or two, being so thankful to see her sweet little boy poke through his hard shell.

Something was odd about Lucas that anyone could feel. But she felt something about his presence was a powerful good force for her and Ryan.

She took the truck in and had them take a look. It needed a tune up and new starter motor, and a couple other items. But the bill was not half of what Lucas had given her. She set to go to the bank, but before she could she got the call from Bill.

“Keep the money Sharon. We have reviewed some things and we know your family has been valued customers of ours for more years than I can remember. You will pull it out. Keep the money, and when you’re ready to square us you let us know.” Bill said.

“Alright, if you’re sure Bill. I am so thankful, but I am good for it. I will pay every penny I owe.” She replied.

“Oh Sharon, I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt. You have a good day.” Bill said and hung up.

Sharon looked at her phone in shock. She let out a small yelp.

“Food, I am going to stock our cupboards.” She said and she went to the store. She stocked up on all the things she needed, including the makings for a large dinner. She loaded up and stopped by the bike shop. She walked in and the owner came out to meet her.

He looked her up and down like a piece of meat. “Can I help you missy?” He asked, leering a little to long.

“I was hoping to talk to Frank.” Sharon asked.

“Frank, you got a visitor, make it quick.” He shouted into the shop, then after one last uncomfortable gaze at Sharon, he went back to his office.

Frank popped out a second later. “Oh hey.”

“Hey Frank, I just wanted to stop by and ask if you could come out for dinner tonight? I am making a lot of food and we would love to have you.” She asked.

Frank laughed. “Sure that would be great. I will be there anyway, I think Ryan will explode if I am not there by 5:30.” Frank said.

“Thanks so much for that. I know he is persistent, but he is just very excited and dedicated.”  She explained.

Frank waved her off. “No, not at all. I am enjoying it, he is a great kid. I hope it will turn out for him.”

“I can’t tell you how good that is to hear.” she said. “We will see you tonight?”

“For sure.” Frank said.

She drove home and Ryan helped her unload the truck, happy as a clam.

The cabin filled with wonderful smells as she baked some of her moms desserts. At five o’clock Ryan ran into the cabin, a big smile growing on his lips.

“Pie?” He asked.

“For after dinner, Lucas helped us out with the truck, so I got us a nice little feast. Even invited Frank to come out and eat with us.” Sharon responded.

“Awesome mom! Are you gonna fire up the barbeque?” He asked hopefully.

“Yes its been a while, but why not.” Sharon said.

Her father had loved to hunt and barbeque, Sharon had always loved the barbeque part. She bought her meat at the store, but she was well trained on how to make it sizzle just right on the barbeque her father had built.

The cabin, the barbeque, the land, it was her father’s legacy. To know she had some time to get her feet under her. To have the truck in good working order and, best of all to see Ryan happy.

She felt blessed. No, that was not the right word. Maybe looked after, or safe, would be more accurate.

Frank pulled in on his bike, as promised, at 5:30 and Lucas a few minutes after 6:00. They had a few beers and talked by the Barbeque while Sharon cooked.

Dinner was on the back table, as the sun settled down in the back ground. Lucas told them about the adventures he had up in the park, and planned more with Ryan. After dinner they all went down the shop to work on Ryan’s bike.

More so Ryan and Frank worked and Lucas and Sharon drank beer and by nine o’clock Ryan was ready to start the bike. The engine roared to life.

Ryan was ecstatic. There were still a few things left to do before it was ready to ride, but for the most part, Ryan had built his bike. Lucas walked Frank out to his bike, “You did a real good thing, helping him out.” Lucas said.

“No problem, your idea. I have an idea of my own, can you come by the shop at 6:00 tomorrow morning?” Frank said.

“Early, but ok, I will be there.” Lucas said.  With the house clean again, they all hit the sack.




Lucas held to his word and pulled into the shop at 6:00 am on the dot. Frank brought him in the shop. “I tuned it up last night, it’s ready to go.” Frank said pointing to cafe racer. The bike was early 80’s, a large four cylinder. “It’s not your Italian rocket, but I figured you would like it.”

“This is a nice surprise. Is this your idea?” Lucas asked.

“Part of it. Come on.” They geared up and rode back out to the ranch.

Ryan had woke up when the truck took off, he was disappointed that Lucas had left today. He had hoped he would be there to help him learn to ride. Sharon felt bad for him until she heard the two motorcycles coming up the road.

Ryan had been in the shop, but had heard as well and was outside even before Sharon. They pulled up next to the two of them. “Wanna go for a ride?” Frank asked Ryan

“Is the bike ready?” Lucas asked. Ryan nodded yes. “Good, go into the third room, on the bed is a couple things you are going to need.” Ryan looked confused but ran off.

Ten minutes later he came out in a leather jacket, gloves, boots, and a helmet in his hand. “I don’t know what to say Lucas.” Ryan said.

“Ride safe, that is what you can say. Motorcycles can set you free, but if you don’t do it right, they can bury just as fast. Always respect that every-time you ride.” Lucas replied. “Now, let’s go teach you how to ride.”


An hour later Ryan set out on his first road adventure, after he had gotten basics down in a field by the cabin. He paid sharp attention to the fundamentals and they rode all the way to Many Glacier Lodge.

Frank insisted on buying tickets for the boat. They took the first boat across walked a short path to the next boat on the next lake. They took that one across and Ryan talked them through the hike at the other side and told stories about the land. He had been correct, he was a great guide.

Soon they arrived at Grinnell Lake.  The view was breath taking and even Lucas, with all he had seen in his life, was at a loss for words.

“There are lots of spots like this around Glacier.” Frank said. Lucas looked over and smiled. Frank’s idea was beginning to come clear to Lucas.

They took the boat back and on the ride Lucas brought it up.

“So your idea Frank?” Lucas asked. Ryan perked up interested.

“Well, I think you sorta guessed it. That first night we were working on Ryan’s scoot we were talking about our favorite spots in Glacier.  And I started to think how cool it was going to be to ride with Ryan up to those spots.” Frank said.

“It is cool!” Ryan said.

“Yeah, and motorcycles are real big right now. And then I thought well we could start a tour service? Ride with us on little trips like this. I have a plan for another trip too, but it would be four or five days, so I can’t take you on that one.

But this one today is to show how cool it is. We took an awesome ride, then we get an awesome hike, and now an awesome ride home. They could stay at the hotel, do you think it could work?” Frank asked.

Ryan and and Frank looked at Lucas hopefully. “Let me think on it guys. It’s not a bad idea I just want to mull it over a bit.” Lucas replied, they accepted the answer. The ride home was brisk. They sat and ate a meal that Sharon had prepared when they arrived back.

Frank and Ryan told Sharon about the concept.

“It has some challenges, but I could see it working.” She replied.

“What do you see as the challenges?” Lucas piped in, and asked. He had been thinking about it since Frank had told him.

“The motel in town is a dump. These people are going to come back from their adventure, and want to sleep comfy and that place is a dive.” She replied.

“She has a point.” Lucas affirmed.

“Well, its not like we can build a hotel.” Ryan said.

“Why not?” Lucas asked.

“Because that is crazy expensive.” Frank said.

“Not if you build it.” Lucas replied.

“Build it where? I don’t have any land, I can’t get that kind of money.” Frank said, laughing off the idea.

“I have land, Ryan is your partner right.” Sharon said.

“Well yeah, but … but this is just crazy!” Frank said.

“Is it?” Sharon asked.



It was early in the morning. He laid on his tiny bed with his legs sticking out in two or three spots. She smiled wickedly. She hustled him out of bed.

“I’m gonna be your guide today.” she said and kissed him on the cheek.

His eyes did not open, but a large smile grew on his lips.

“Now that’s the way to wake up!” he said and then launched into a giant yawn.

“Oh yeah, that’s hot.” She scoffed.

“Perfection is hard to maintain, but I make it look easy.” He said with a sneer. Thier tone had changed. He was no longer withdrawn, and she welcomed it.

“It’s your humble nature that I like the most.” She said rolling her eyes. She felt like a teenager. She had already packed their lunch in two hiking packs. “Let’s roll lazy ass, get in the shower.” She smacked his butt, with a bit of wicked grin on her face.

“Wanna come?” He snickered.

“What?” She asked.

“Nothing.” he said in a small voice and he rushed off to the shower.

Sharon shook her head. She probably would have followed, if Ryan hadn’t been sleeping in the other room.

“The day is young.” she said out loud.

When he came out breakfast was on the table. He smiled and tore into a cup of coffee and the omelete. Ryan stumbled in and sat at the table yawning.

She gave him a plate, and he tore in. She ruffled his hair. “Ryan, today I am taking Lucas up to Avalanche Lake. We should be back around dinner. Can you keep busy?” She asked.

“Yeah, I have a lot of planning to do. Frank and I are working on a new route we want to try. And I always have something to do on my bike.” He smiled.

“Yeah that is what I figured. You stay out of trouble.” Sharon said.

Ten minutes later Lucas and her were loaded into the truck and went down the road. They walked through the Trail Of The Cedars, Lucas marvelled at the massive trees. They continued deep into the forest, after about an hour, Sharon pulled them off the public trail.

“Come on, this way to the hidden spot.” She urged as they went off into the trees.

Sure enough, in a few hundred feet they were on another trail. They emerged on to the clearest lake Lucas had ever seen. In the arch of the mountains above were many waterfalls.

“Wow” He breathed.

They sat in the small meadow, ate their lunch, and laughed. She feed him the last strawberry which turned into a kiss and then the kiss unfolded into passion by the side of the lake.

They spent the late morning and early afternoon laying in their picnic blanket. Exploring each other in every sense. They packed up with much hesitation, and started the hike out to the truck.



“Get out here Frank, Mr. Lucas’s bike is here.” The owner barked.

Frank’s heart sank. He had been dreading the day. Lucas had told him to call and they would build the bike up at the cabin. He called Ryan.

“Bring the truck man.” Frank said.

“Why?” He paused. “Oh.” Another pause “Alright, I will be down in a bit.” Ryan hung up the phone. Tears boiled in his eyes. He looked in the mirror on the way out the door and cleared the tears.

Lucas had done more for him than anyone, other than his mother and Grandpa. He admired him greatly, and he would be damned if he didn’t respect the man’s first vacation in years.

As he drove out of the ranch his lip began to tremble. By the time he got to shop he was a mess. Frank hugged him when he dropped out of the truck.

They both talked in hushed tones. Then they walked into the shop.

“Lucas wants us to bring the bike up to the cabin. And I will take tomorrow off and go help him assemble it.” Frank said.

“The Hell you will! You drop his fancy dancy bike off up there and you get back.” The owner almost screamed. “Guy wouldn’t even talk to me. Fuck him.” He barked.

Ryan almost came unhinged. Frank held him back. “Fuck you! You asshole.” Ryan screamed ready to tear the man limb from limb.

“Come on Frank, let the little pussy go.” He barked.

“Lucas was right.” Frank stated, “No, Ryan is smarter than to get drug down by the likes of you. I am sure that is how Lucas would see it.” upon hearing this Ryan stopped struggling. He stood straight and listened to Frank.

“Load the bike up and get in the fucking shop, get this idiot out of my shop now.” He barked again.

“No, I will take the bike to Lucas, and I wont be coming back here. I quit.” Frank said.

The anger dropped off his face. Fear washed over him. “Oh come on, I was just razzing you a bit.” He said, seeing the business slip away.


They walked out and loaded the crate in the back of the truck and drove to the ranch.

“Wow Frank, that was pretty awesome man.” Ryan said.

“Ha, I guess it kind of was. Funny thing is the whole time I was asking myself, what would Lucas do.” Frank said, and tears started to spill from his eyes.

Ryan laid his hand on his shoulder. “Hey, he can’t stay, we know that. But he has taught us a lot, and its not just him, you know, its meeting you to. You’re, well, you’re like my brother.” Ryan said.

Frank smiled through the tears. “I never had a brother, but I would be honored to be your’s.”

They pulled into the driveway, “Let’s get this thing in the shop.”

They set to work, brothers on a very sad task indeed.



“Looks like the boys are in the shop.” Sharon said as they pulled in. They got out of the truck and the large door of the shop swung open. There sat the crate. She was devastated. Although she held it in check, barely.

Lucas burst into a smile. “It’s here.” He ran into the garage.

Her knees buckled a bit, but she slowly followed him. Lucas was like a kid on Christmas. He looked at the crate in depth. It was not until he stood upright that he saw their faces.

“Why is everyone so…..” He paused.

He looked beyond them to open road for a moment.

“I don’t want you to go.” Frank said.

“I don’t either. I know you have not had a vacation in a long time, but can’t you just stay?” Ryan said tears coming out of his eyes. “After Grandpa died when I was eight, I never had someone like you. You’re like, well, you are really important to me.”

“And me.” Sharon echoed quietly.

Lucas walked straight to Ryan and grabbed him in a hug. “If I had been your dad, I would have never left. Don’t you think my leaving and his have anything to do with each other.” Lucas said and kissed him on the forehead.

Lucas had seen the years of anguish in his statement. “Ryan you are one hell of a kid. I am so honored you look at me that way.” Lucas looked up and called them all in. “Here is what is going to happen. I will stay here for the rest of my vacation. We have a lot of work to do anyway right.” Lucas said. “But. When my vacation is over that is a hard stop. There is nothing that any of us can do about that. If we see each other after that, it will be a long time. There is nothing I can do about that. It is part of my job. But even after then, there will not be an hour that goes by that I don’t think of all of you and what you mean to me.”

“When is your vacation is over?” Frank asked.

“I don’t know, they will come for me. I have the summer, but they will need me back. I can’t imagine what is breaking loose back there now.” They saw him consumed with the thoughts of his work for a moment. He shook his head to drive the thoughts out and smiled up at all of them.

“That will be ok. I promise I won’t be such a baby about it next time.” Ryan said.

“Even when I am gone Ryan, I will still love you as a son, and you Frank.” Lucas said, pulling them into an embrace.

He backed out of the shop next to Sharon, who had backed off a little to contain herself.

“And me?” She asked.

“You? You I love a different way.” Lucas said with a sneer and picked her up and spun her around. “Let’s get a shower, we’re going out to dinner. I want seafood!” Lucas said.

“I can’t, I gotta get looking for a job. I am behind on my rent already and I quit the shop today.” Frank said.

“No, we are starting the business anyway, you can stay in the spare room. We can move your stuff over tomorrow.” Sharon said.

“But then where will Lucas…” Ryan started.

“Lucas will be sleeping in my room for the rest of his vacation.” Sharon said, and without another word she turned and headed for the shower.

The two young men’s faces dawned with realization. Lucas wore a big stupid grin.

“Shower!” He said and ran off after Sharon.

After a shower they were off to town and found a fun seafood and crab place. Frank had to drive home because both Lucas and Sharon had had far too much fun. A strange little family it may have been, but there it was.

But what can be said, is that for four very sad souls, that night they found their peace, their home. Family.


One night Lucas said he had a few friends coming up to take a tour. They showed up two days later, on the same bikes that Lucas had, but in white. They took them up to the continental divide. Then then strapped the bikes on a trailer and hiked up over a glacier to get to Hidden Lake, from there they hiked to the Sperry Chalets. They spent the night in backcountry. The next morning they hiked out and picked up their bikes by the side of Lake Mcdonald.  Then rode back to the ranch.

The two friends talked excitedly about the amazing experience. They left the next day and the phone began to ring. Soon the rest of the summer was booked. All paying in advance. They rented a few mobile trailers for the guests to stay in for that summer.

Ryan, Frank, and Sharon woke up daily feeling like they were in a dream. Lucas was not done though. One day he showed up with blueprints, they were for an amazing lodge. They all poured over the plans and marveled at the idea.

Lucas also announced his company had decided to fund the lodge. And soon a construction crew started showing up everyday to build the new lodge. August rolled around and Lucas had come up with the idea to host a motorcycle Rally at the ranch. Two thousand bikers showed up and, after the party, they had made a great deal of money from the rally.

Also, the reservation books were pretty much full for the next three years.



A few mornings after the rally Lucas was up early, he could feel it. It was time. The vacation was over. Ryan, Frank, and Sharon were all in the shop when Lucas walked in.

“So guys, today is the day. I have to go back.” Lucas said.

They all looked shocked, although he had told them throughout the summer that this day would come. They heard a helicopter.

He grabbed Frank into a hug, “Don’t be limited Frank.”

“Never again, thanks for…. everything.” Frank said, choking back tears.

Lucas walked to Ryan. Ryan buried his head into Lucas’s hug.

“Please don’t go.” Ryan said.

“Ryan, I have to. But one day, long from now, you will see me again.” Lucas said holding on to him tight. “You take care of your mom.” Ryan nodded and cried freely as Lucas moved on to Sharon.

She fell into his embrace. “I don’t really want you to go either. I could see having a life with you.” Sharon said.

“I can see that clearly too. But this is not the life we get to share. It’s not our time yet. One day it will be, I hope.” Lucas said, he kissed her deep.

Warmth flowed through her from him and she knew how much he loved her. The red helicopter had now landed in the field next to the shop. He grabbed his bag and boarded the helicopter.

Lucas flew away.



It took them a while to compose themselves, but as the days past the new lodge and customers eager to explore the land they all loved, moved their thoughts away from Lucas. Sharon of course attempted to take the truck back to the lot, but as soon as she had told the salesman that Lucas had left, he explained the truck was not rented at all and the title was already in her name.

She then went straight to the bank to catch up the note on her ranch. Bill hearing that Lucas was now out of town explained that the ranch had been paid off in full that first day.  She was blown away.

The lodge was soon completed, and in the massive lobby they put Lucas’s red bullet bike in a case. Sharon lived in the cabin, however, Frank and Ryan lived in and ran the lodge.

She always hoped she would see him again, but as the years drew by, she began to give up hope.



Ten years later Bill the banker died of a massive heart attack. He was amazed by the sight of the pearly gates. A large man look down at him and just said, “Judgement”

He was shuttled off to another line, and when his turn came up he went into an amazing hall set up as court. Except there were two judges benches. At one sat St. Peter, at least that is what Bill assumed. At the other sat the Devil his fiery eyes sending fear deep into Bills soul.

“You have lived on the borders of your morals Bill.” St. Peter said,

Before Bill could say anything to defend himself the Devil began to speak, “This is true. However, the path of honor has suited Bill well over the last of his years. He will be pardoned from his indiscretions.” The Devil stated.

They took him out and let Bill see his family, who was waiting for him, he looked back at the Devil, someone had said that to him before.



Two years after that, the owner of the bike shop died in a car crash. He also was amazed by the site of the gates. The same tall man looked him up and down. “You have been judged.” He was grabbed and forced into a small room.

The door on the other end open and in walked the Devil, his horns black as night, and his eyes as red as fire.

“Now I will talk to you…” The devil said.

The shop owner realized who it was too late, and soon he was off to serve his sentence in Hell.



Sharon had lived a great life. Her boys, Ryan and Frank, sat by her bedside as she closed her eyes for the last time. As she took her final breath, she only wished she had gotten to see Lucas, one more time.

She woke at the Gates, the tall man smiled. “You are a very special arrival. There are many waiting for you, right in there.”

She walked into the room and there she shared hugs with family she had not seen in many years. Her father embraced her. “You have lived an amazing life Shar. I am so proud of you.” He said.

“You must know that Lucas was the one that made that turn possible.” She said, even in death she couldn’t stop thinking of him.

“Well maybe, funny thing about that. His name was not Lucas. His name was Lucifer. My dear, Lucas was the devil when he was on vacation.” Her dad said smiling.

“Are you really telling me that the most honorable man I have ever met, was the Devil?”  Sharon questioned.

“Shar, you already know the answer to that question. To be honest he is not a bad guy, he handles evil, he does not create it.” he said knowly.

“I fell in love with the Devil?” Sharon reeled.

The people parted and there stood Lucas, Black horns springing from his head and his eyes burned red. “He fell in love with you too.” The devil, Lucas, Lucifer said.

She fell into his embrace.

“The last time we talked I told you that was not our time.”

“Our time is now.” She smiled and kissed him.

He got down on bended knee, he present her with an amazing ring, although a bit evil looking. “I wanted to spend that lifetime with you, but now, I would much rather spend forever with you. Will you be my wife?”

“Yes.” She said through tears. He slipped the ring on. Sharon felt a set of black horns raise from her head. Her eyes burned fiery red with happiness.

“We will have to wait for a while though.” She stated.

They all looked at her confused. “If I am finally to get married, my sons will need to be here to attend. And for that, I hope, we need to do a bit of waiting.” She replied.

He embraced her. “That sounds like a spectacular idea.”

They had a wonderful meal, in which Sharon got to see people from all throughout her life. Even old Bill from the bank hugged her. He turned to the Devil.

“You saved me, thank you.” Bill said tembeling.

The Devil gave a sly smile. “No Bill, you saved yourself. I just suggested a path.”

After a wonderful evening the Devil and his fiancé returned to Hell, to await their wedding date.



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Come to Hell with Me

Come to Hell with Me                      comwithme
By, Lucien Maier
Edited By, Temperance Penrod

I have a story to tell you…
Oh yes it is a bit …
Let me introduce you to all manner of Demons,

Beleth, A demon of great size, with a large heart to match
Hantu and Kopek, Twins that will look better protecting you that anyone
Torian, Hell’s new hope
Frank, don’t let the name fool you, as a brother and demon there is no match.
Satrinah, who found true love after death
Lucifer, a soul misunderstood like no other.
The Black Shucks, a Motorcycle gang you have never seen the likes of.

Oh I will take you to Heaven to, make no mistake,
But only briefly this time,
For we will fall into the pits of Hell together.
We will ride into the wastes together.

We will fight Angra Mainyu for the future of Hell itself.
A force of evil, that after being locked away for eons,
Has now been set free.

Ride with me through the landscapes of Hell,
don’t let the fire and brimstone frighten you,
You have my assurance that we will arrive
At our destination unharmed.

Oh please, take my hand.
Climb on the back of my motorcycle,
And let me take you to Hell…..



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Flight 246

All day she has waited to get on this flight. But in this one flight she would learn more about herself than she ever had.

Flight 246

By Lucien Maier



She was not happy to say the least.  Mom, who worked for the airlines, had gotten them back from New York. All well and good but flying on standby.

Now Cindy hated 0c9c30e42494fb1a6447e4efd5b13b8dflying stand by, she hated wasting a whole day in the airport trying to catch a flight. She was dead set that this would be the worst day traveling period. However, after her whole family flew out before her. Her dad and brother first, then two hour later her mom helped escort a child on the next flight. Leaving Cindy to wait another four hours before she boarded her plane home.

Now don’t be mistaken Cindy was no snob, she knew she was lucky to have a family in which she traveled close to once a month. She had been travelling like this since she was six. Mom and Dad had set it up this way, they had adventure after adventure. She had seen more cities than sometimes she could remember; as they got older they had more and more friends all over the country.

However, anyone’s patience will be tested by waiting all day in an airport and catching the late flight out. Especially a seventeen year old girl. She heard her dad in her head,

“This is how we travel, we get to go much more than a normal family, Remember the good things, Number 1 you got to goto New York.”

She laid her head back and closed her eyes. Something about sitting in your seat on the plane and buckling up, and knowing that you were finally headed home.

“Number 2. Was she had an open seat next to her so maybe she could stretch out.” She thought.She let a smile curl up on her lips. And she heard the flight attendant suck in air very quickly.

“Number 3. Wow….”

Apparently her open seat was no longer open. She would have been upset but,

“Number 4. The guy that is in my seat.”

She got up and he slide into the window seat like an old glove. She sat back down with a good deal less grace herself.

His eyes were smoky, he smiled at her and she had a hard time not smiling like a big goofy fool. Or maybe she did smile like a big goofy fool, but that’s all blocked out now so it doesn’t matter.  She squeaked out a small hello.

He was in his mid-twenties and had mystery written all over him.

“Hello how are you?” He asked his smiled bloomed larger again. He was dressed casually but not sloppy he had eyes that she could not get away from. When she did get away from the eyes, his smile was sending her to a whole new level of melting.

“I am fine, Its” She started. But before she could continue she was rudely interrupted.

“Wow hun you barely made the plane!” she was a flight attendant, a cute one, a cute blonde one. “Anything I can get you to help you settle in.” She asked with a little too much bounce.

He looked up and then looked at Cindy and raised an eyebrow. She had to act like she was coughing to contain her laugh. Her smiled up at her and the cute blondes knees got weak.

“No thanks I think I will close my eyes for a nap.” He replied.

The smile fell off her face and then returned halfway. She smiled

“Alright you have a good flight.”

           “Thanks very much.” Came his reply.
There was a moment of silence, Cindy was trying to figure a way to bring up the conversation again when he turned to her and locked eyes again. This time he held her eyes. “You were saying?” He asked.
“I was saying?” She stumbled.
“Yes you said I am fine, Its. and then you stopped. “its what?” He asked never letting go of her gaze.
“Oh its been a long day.” She smiled.
“Hummm, nope they are the exact same length.” He smiled and gave her a wink.
“Hardy har.” She said and smiled back at him. Now she had talked to plenty of guys on the plane. Some tried to have a conversation with her, and some were more interested in her boobs. It was at this point she reached out her hand.

“Hi I am Cindy.”

           He took her hand gladly. And electricity ran through her, or maybe electricity was not the right word, but energy.

“My name is Torunn.”

           “Torunn, that is a unique name where does that come from?” She asked.
“My mother’s family comes from a Viking background, and my mother loved it. It means, the mighty love. Goofy huh?” He asked with a crooked grin.
“No I think its pretty cool! I love the sound of it. Torunn.” She said again and smiled despite herself.
They talked for a few more moments. The conversation was easy and engaging for both of them. As they spoke more and more Cindy started to realize that Toruun, lived his life like a philosopher. Letting the world take him where he belonged. She laughed despite herself and most of the way through the three hour flight.
It would be a conversation she would remember for the rest of her life. One of those magic times that you play over and over in your mind.
They we talking along, and all of a sudden he dropped out of the conversation and there was a loud screech. But it only for a second.
A few seconds later the captain came over the PA.

“Ladies and Gentlemen it looks like ran into some rough air and made a loud noise. We have checked all the plane systems and everything is just fine. Please sit back and relax we will be into Salt Lake in about twenty minutes.”

            They had been deeply engrossed in a conversation about energy, and how mass is just energy is stopped in place. He explained thing in such a down to earth manner there was no trouble understanding it.

She looked forward to talking to him more now that the scare was passed. But when she turn back to him, he face was washed out he managed a smile but barely.

           “I think I will take that nap now.” He leaned his head against the window.  He said no more to her. But she watched him out of the corner of her eye and his hand touched the side of the plane. He was doing something although she had no idea what. And then she saw.  She looked out the window behind him, and saw piece of the engine bracket let go and fly off the plane.
The engine should have ripped free. But it didn’t. Torunn sat next to her “sleeping” but his forehead strained. Then She started to quickly realize that Toruun was somehow holding the engine on the wing.
Sweat appeared on his forehead.
“He said twenty minutes.” She whispered to herself. It was taking everything out of him she could see that.

She closed her eyes and sighed. Maybe…

She reached out her hand and laid it on his.  The moment she did felt a tremendous pull from him. Soon she was pulled deep into herself.

She had meditated once, in a class and for a brief moment she felt as if she went inside. But only for a brief moment, now she was pulled into this state and held firmly there.

“Thank you.” She heard him in her mind.

“You looked like you needed help.” She thought trying to make it sound as if she was not scared out of her mind.
She felt the warmth of his smile even she did not see it.
“You got that right, I hope I can pull this off with the both of us.” She felt him say. She felt like she was laying in a pool. The rest of the world still there but blurred out. She felt him drawing energy from her. He was combining that with his sphere of energy and is shot out his hand and into the plane.
She was positive that it was going out to the wing to hold the engine in place. Even in this altered state she realized how crazy the idea seemed. However, the plane continued to fly.
She wondered how much time they had left.
“Fourteen minutes.” she felt him say again.
“Your amazing.” She marveled at him.
“I don’t know, I think a young lady that knew I needed help and even though scared to the bone, she still reached out. I don’t know about you, but I would say that is pretty amazing.” He replied.
She thought about it for a moment, a clear moment.

“Yeah I guess you’re right. I am sure happy I got held back on the late flight. It has been very eye opening to meet you.” She thought back out to the ether.

A wave of sad energy passed through her, but only for a brief moment.

“It is nice to meet you too.”

She sat in the feeling, feeling her energy slowly being routed away from her. She could feel he was still doing the lions share. And the Plane flew.

While the minutes crawled by.

the landing gear deployed, and a wave of relief went through her. Although she could not tell if it was her or him where the feeling came from. Here they occupied the same space. She doubted they could hide anything from each other in here.

“I have never meet anyone like you.” She thought.
“You are a lot like me. Just a lot more talented.” He replied.
“Sure sure,says the guy that is holding the plane together.”
“The knowledge of how is what allowed me to start holding the plane together, but it is the well of your power I am drawing off to maintain it. I would have dropped the engine 15 minutes back. I did not pull you in as you might think, you sent yourself.”

“That is a skill I have only heard rumor of. I worked very hard to gain the amount of control I have. I must say feeling your energy flow through is quite invigorating.Although it will have it’s price.”

“This is a lot to take in.”  She thought.

“I am sure. This took me years to find out about. But it really has been an honor to meet you.” He replied, and she could feel urgency.

“Oh no mister you are going give some way to contact you.” She said, using some of her new found confidence.

“We will meet again, but not for a long time. You have great work to do. They say that you will bring the new age.” He said.

“What are you talking about?” She asked.

She felt the warmth of his smile, “You will see.”

She started to pull away and in an instant she was looking at him, “What do you mean has its price?” She said out loud.

The tires hit the ground and she the plane slowed and then there was a loud noise. This time the engine fell away from the plane and hit the ground. She smiled he had done it. Actually they had done it.

She looked over to him, and she knew what the price would be. He slumped next to her. He was not breathing, he was an empty shell. He was gone.

The official story wound up being that the engine had drop because the impact of the landing, Everyone on the flight had been fine except for one young man who had a heart attack because of the stress.

But she carried the truth with her, for her entire life. He had felt she was special enough to sacrifice his young life to save. And he had been right.

Cindy did great things….



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