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What a great book! I sat down and read this in one day because it was so captivating. Without giving anything away all I can really say is that the book does focus on Sharon’s life after her death, so be prepared for that. The characters are really relatable and the book was very well written so I will be definitely be keeping an eye out for Lucien’s other books.

                                                                              – Hanna—–

I read it as a filler book but I have to admit that the story started out sweet and became something that I could barely put down. It was very entertaining and the characters were something to admire.

                                                                               -Chris A—–

I read this in one sitting. I really enjoyed it and hope that there are more to come with these characters. I have read other books by this author and loved them as well. I can’t wait for a sequel.

                                                                               -Lesley M—–

This book is amazing I love it and can’t wait for the next, this author has proven time and time again with his writings that he’s got a good imagination and a knack for writing. I’ve read many books over the last 20 years. And have never read one like this he has a fresh imagination of what life could be.


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By Lucien Maier


In the last year I have become part of a great group of people.

My Utah County ABATE chapter found me and decided to not let me go.

I have long had problems with social situations,

But the members of my chapter were determined to show me I belonged.


Early this spring I started to believe that, I brought my family along

and soon they had become another family.

I desperately wanted to help this new family. Prove that I was valuable to have among them.

On the first meetings I sniffed out the issues ABATE seems to have.


I found two.

  1. Membership, because ABATE is not a club or a gang, it takes a moment for people to understand what we are about. and mostly the required moment is not given.
  2. Reputation, ABATE has a reputation as being a gang or a club, This misconception stops many riders at the gate. Is misinformed as it maybe.


I set out to write a few pieces to show how incorrect these notions are.

Encouraged by good feedback I joined every ABATE group I could find.

And Posted, and posted.


Again in my own head I was really pleased. My ABATE pieces were gaining more numbers than most anything I had done before.

People generally seemed to like the pieces and the response was great.

Then the email came.

It came from a source that looks through my work here and there, and always offers brutally honest feedback. They know why I write and has been a silent fan of my works for far longer than most.

Thier worry was simple. They saw the ABATE stuff and worried I was using it to promote my own career. They knew that my intentions were good, but they also knew that I have long said I wanted my work to become popular, because of its own merit.

So coming from that source it forced me to think it through.

It was not easy, to look at much desired success and pull it apart.

and there it was. I was benefiting far more than ABATE, than them from me.

That was not an easy truth to face, but the truth does not change.

Yes my pieces have good response. But their impact for ABATE would have come from folks sharing them. Some did but far more just liked the stories. Most read the piece and said “YAH ABATE” but never shared, because they felt it would not sway their friends and family to understand.

So more and more people were exposed to my work and started to read more and my numbers crawled up. Mine, not ABATES.
I received comments about how my writing helped. But no comments on how my writing helped bring people out to ABATE. In the end there was only one conclusion to come to.

I had (as many time before in my life) overstepped my bounds. I rolled out very quickly and did not think the whole thing through.

Last week, I left all my ABATE groups. I figured I would disappear without much of a fuss. I was wrong, I have gotten many emails and personal messages asking why this all happened.

So I decided I better not just be honest with myself, but everyone.

I will leave all the pieces I did about ABATE up on my site. But I over stepped when I went out to promote them myself. I will no longer use ABATE to promote my work. I started because I was hoping to help ABATE not myself.

The pieces, the tools are still there. to use, they might work if you share them.

If you did become a fan of my work, I am super pleased and you can follow my author profile on Facebook.


Many have added my personal profile as well, and that is fine if you are looking to become friends. However if you are hoping to convince me to return to an ABATE group that will not happen. If you truly feel my work will benefit your group. Then it is super easy to share those pieces yourself.

I understand this has upset people, but I can’t stomach the idea that I used anything other than my words to gain the audience I so desperately want.

I hope you can understand, if not then at least accept.

Hope to see you all out there on the road! Ride safe!


A.B.A.T.E. and I

A.B.A.T.E. And I


in 2014 I was lucky enough to get pulled into a local ABATE chapter. Utah County ABATE reached out to me and grabbed me into the fold.
I have become a strong supporter of our cause and put together a couple tools for everyone to use, to help educate everyone on what we do.
The other day someone asked if I had a list of all the pieces I have done for ABATE. I realized I did not.  So I decided to put this together.

You can share any of these, to where ever you like.

My most recent was a video on Youtube

Also wanted to create a list that anyone could goto and get hooked into one of our chapters.


Before that I wrote a piece about why I joined ABATE


I have written a couple pieces about rides I took with ABATE

fff abate

 My most popular ABATE piece to date,ABATE
Many have told it gives the reader a good chunk of info about us.

Here are a few more that come from before I joined ABATE,

wet 22003003763fa0db569c47db29e78d97a94b1f573b401e214d4a4ccb692d53d9


Again feel free to share and use these wherever you think it will help! I will try to keep this updated as well.

Riding for all our rights A.B.A.T.E.

Riding For All Our Rights


By Lucien Maier,

Music by, Steven Spicer

contact your local chapter today!

A.B.A.T.E National Contact List



National Contact List

This list will never be fully complete,

but send me any info you would like listed,

Sponsored Bycompass



ABATE of Arizona has a great list going
District of Columbia

A great ILL list:

ABATE of Illinois – EC Region:

ABATE of Indiana Members Page:

 district 14;

Thanks to Cecil for this list link!

ABATE of Louisiana inc;

Northwest Chapter;

Thanks Jim for the great link for Minnesota!
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York

State Chapter list:

North Carolina
North Dakota


ABATE of Oklahoma (the different Oklahoma Chapters can be found from either link)
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota

ABATE of Utah:

Utah County A.B.A.T.E.: (Home)


North Kitsap:

Elk Country:
West Virginia

District 2;

This list will never be fully complete,

but send me any info you would like listed,

Elf stories: Patched

Elf stories: Patched

“Why A.B.A.T.E.?”


By Lucien Maier

Edited By Temperance Penrod


I have always said that I would never wear a patch because I wanted to ride with everyone. Kind of silly really because for most of my road life, I have ridden alone. Last year I made a ride with another group, but I had not ridden with A.B.A.T.E.

This year I got ride with them twice, the first time I was still a bit of an outsider. The second time even though Elf gave me fits I was a member. On that second ride I got my patch and I now have it proudly on my jacket.


Now I guess I will say that I wear this patch so I can ride with anyone, and help ensure they can ride with me. Because A.B.A.T.E. is not a club, or a gang, we are motorcyclists that are working towards bringing and preserving motorcycle rights and freedoms.

I won’t say that I don’t admire clubs, and I have longed for the brotherhood they seem to carry. However, I stood strong that I wanted to ride with everyone. Even though I rode on my own.

I pushed against the idea of me becoming an A.B.A.T.E.member as well.  But PITA and Runamuck, my chapter President and VP, were unrelenting. PITA met me at the anti-suicide ride I showed up to last year.

She never let go. She saw very early that I was not going to be an easy case. She knew she would not be able to recruit me the way she did others. She was very wise in that she didn’t push, but she knew in those first few moments what motorcycles mean to me.

I am also willing to bet she knew I would go home and learn more and more about A.B.A.T.E. She was right. When I mustered up the abatecourage to go to the spring ride, everyone was happy to see me.

However, I know that it meant more to PITA, she knew what it had taken for me to come out. Now my chapter accepted me and I grow my friendships everyday. I am making new friends faster than I ever have.

I can’t wait to see what the years bring being part of this great organization. I have said it many times now, but if you ride some type of motorcycle, A.B.A.T.E. should be something you look into.

A.B.A.T.E. was created preserve and fight for rights and education of ANY TYPE of motorcycle and its rider. They have chapters in every state, and we all need to participate. I am starting to carry a great deal of passion for this group.

Not just because they befriended me, but because they fight for the rights of every rider out there. Because they participate in the system that most just bitch about.

A.B.A.T.E. is near you,

A.B.A.T.E. rides with any type of bike.

A.B.A.T.E. Protects your ability to ride.

Find out when you next local meeting or ride is, and go experience all of this for yourself. I know in our chapter WE would love to have you out!


 Read more about Lucien and his adventures on Elf the Motorcycle

Elf Stories




By Lucien Maier

 A Couple weeks ago I got my ABATE patch, and when I put it on my jacket I have to admit it looked a bit lonely. So I started to think of what kind of patches I wanted to get.

I thought of a couple of ideas. I am sure in the next few months my jacket will have lots of other patches on it as well.

My bike is pretty unique, I bought it as a 1981 Kawasaki KZ1000m CSR. I had a second blown up engine that I got with it. 1,600 miles into my first season I blew up my number one piston. I rebuilt the bike combining the two engines with a Jug and cylinder from a 84 gpz1100.

You can read that whole story here:

Anyway the bike has been modified enough that I needed to rejet. So I wanted the best so I got a Dynojet kit, I was also lucky enough to score a kerker pipe to wrap it all up.

So when I was thinking about patches I thought that would be cool to have a patch from my aftermarket parts. So I put out an email explaining who I am and what I was looking for.

I have yet to hear back from Supertrapp the makers of Kerker, and Kawasaki probably has not even opened it yet. I figured it would take a long time to get through to the right marketing people to get some kind of patch.

So far that has proven correct for every except DynoJET. I don’t it was even two hours later, I got an email from Chris. He threw some patches in the mail that day and got me over to their marketing person.

Who has also been very responsive. Now my stuff does not get read by millions. Maybe one day but certainly not now. Yet DynoJET saw past that. They just thought it was cool I was riding with their product and were happy I wanted to show it off.IMG_1788

As you can see in the picture I got my patch, plus a bunch of stickers.


I hope to add patches for all my performace parts eventually. However I wanted to take a moment to thank Dyno-jet for the amazing response, it is rare to see a business take that kind of special interest.

The next piece I want to get for the bike is the Dyna-s ignition by DynaJets sister company DnyaTek. Hopefully I can score a patch for that piece to.

Again a big thank you to Chris for responding so quickly and positively to me.

If you need a Jet kit for your bike check em out today

Elf Stories: F–K

 Elf Stories: F–K

“Spring Breakout ride with ABATE”

By Lucien Maier

I was all set on Friday night. First time I have been read19612_1634571630097244_4345805387028730710_ny for a ride days in advance. The plan was to ride out to the start at Timpanogos Harley, for the pancake breakfast. I would ride the route with the crew to a picnic in the park in Payson. T and the kids were gracious enough make the long drive out and meet up for lunch and then chase truck me home.

The morning started out beautiful, The weather could not have been much better and Elf started on the second turn. I rode the back way, on 36. My hands made me pull over and swap out my gloves to ones that did not have venting. The ride was crisp but not quite cold.

I pulled Timpanogos Harley and as soon as I parked Elf Died. PITA walked over spotting me right away. I checked and I was right Elf was dead, no electrics. I said hello to PITA and explained my situation, she assured me someone could push start me.


At that point the first F*&K came into the conversation, in the form of “Fuck it.” Hoping the first leg the ride would put enough charge in the the battery to start the bike.

I made my way inside, although this time not quietly. Last ride I was able to walk around with virtually no one talking to me.This time however, they greeted me with smiles and hugs. It was a wave of people normally something that would paralyze me. But yet here with these people it seems I am alright.

Luv, has become a good friend over the net and last ride she had been there but I had not known so we had never said hello. This time as I walked in and saw her I asked. “This time will you at least say hello to me.”

Pita and Luv


She rolled her eyes at me and gave me a hug. It didn’t feel like meeting someone, it felt like saying hello to an old friend.

I got a cup of coffee, but this time instead of running to my bike to sit by myself, I was greeted by many people and pulled to this table and that to say hello. I even reached out and said hello to a guy that I had talked to online and was out for his first ABATE ride.

As we meet outside for the riders meeting, I didn’t feel like I was standing on the outside. I was in with everyone, joking and laughing. I remember being struck by that.

Its been a long time since I felt confident enough to joke like that in public. Normally with a group of people I feel different and like the outcast. However with my new friends I feel like I am a valuable part of the group.

We made our way to our bikes and my buddy Crash got me push started in no time. Elf was burbling on the extra gas from push starting so when Thumper walked over to greet me I asked if I had enough time to clean out my carbs before we took off.


He smiled knowing what I had in mind and replied, yes. I pulled out of the parking lot and shot all the way through my first gear in a roar. I am not sure if everyone was looking but it sure was fun to give everyone a little taste of what Elf can really do.

I pulled back into the parking lot and soon we were on the road up to the Provo gun club. I am really starting to enjoy riding with a group. This may sound strange but I feel like you can feel the other riders. All the energy is shared, the horsepower the wind the smiles, Its all shared.


I always had thought that riding in a group would be slow and constraining. For me though its not. The lower speed can be very nice to enjoy the views, something I should do more when I ride on my own. Also I am sure it seems we are all very close together but the staggered formation actually is a very safe method.


We pulled into a side road in the canyon and wound up to a gun range with the best view I have ever seen. The bike was on a hill so I thought no issues I will get ready early and be started and ready to go. It would not go that way…

The second F*&K of the day,as in “Where the fuck did the piece of my license plate go?”


Everyone was milling around talking, making their way over to the hand gun range. I was looking around and saw a shipping container embed into the far side of the mountain. So in true Lucien style I found a way climb to the top of it.

As you can see in this picture.


another F*&K was Runamuk asking what the fuck I am doing.

Here is the other picture I took, and the reason why I climbed to the top of this thing. I think it was worth it. Although I like the first one better now.


We went to the gun range, I don’t carry a side-arm so I drew my card instead of shooting for it. Making my way back to my bike I caught in a couple conversations. This was surprising to me because it was not really people i knew, and yet I was comfortable.


I heard the call to get on the bikes so I rushed over to Elf, hoping to be started and ready, but as I tried to push start down the hill she would not kick over. My face burned red. This is my worst nightmare.

Another F*&K, this one muttered under my breath over and over.

As everyone rolled away I tucked off to the side and tried not to look at anyone as they went by. My plan was to wave off everyone get Elf started and call Tam and let her know I was headed for home.

forty-three bikes rolled passed me, but three refused. I looked up enough to see Cutter next to me. I tried to say. Its ok I will get going and catch up. Cutter smiled and shook his head, there would be none of that today and I saw it in his face.



He put his bike down on its kickstand, along with VooDoo and Mac. As their engines shut off I had to collect myself. They were not going to leave me alone, Embarrassment started to bubble in me.

They did not notice it or maybe acknowledge it. They were all smiles and never gave the indication that this was any issue at all.

Mac wound up having jumper cables won in a raffle. The battery dead as it could be, my spark was even gone. We got a couple hints of starting up, so we let Elf sit sucking power off of Cutters bike The “Mistress”.

After a few minutes we were able to get Elf started. We all geared up and we rode down the canyon, a little faster than the way up. Mac split off by the highway and we waved him off but I never got to thank him for hanging behind.

I will be sure to let him know, how much he and his raffle jumper cables were appreciated on that day. Cutter, VooDoo and I buzzed the 15 until a Payson exit, then we rode the frontage road to a place called Stick Flippers, an archery range.

My plan when I pulled into the parking lot was to keep the bike running so I would be ready for the next step. However Cutter walked over and convinced me we could get on a charger.

I shut down but I was so on edge I really didn’t feel like shooting the bow. So again I slipped in and drew my card for the poker hand and slipped out. Cutter was able to find someone with one of those cool charging boxes.

Elf soaked up the power and She started and I waited at the edge of the parking lot. as the last person swung out Elf died. F*&K.

I ran back and got the charging box and got her started again and we were off. we actually caught up with the group as we rode into a cemetery.

We were there to honor one of the UMF, named Lucky who has passed on. I stopped Elf far back from the pack, this time dead set to leave her running. Cutter and the rest joined everyone up at the grave sight.

I stayed back with Elf, trembling with embarrassment.  Let me take a moment to apologize to the UMF. I really felt like I was disrespecting their homage to their brother and friend. If I bothered anyone in anyway I am deeply deeply sorry.


Elf is not a huge fan of just sitting idling and soon she began to smoke and sputter, Once again I was embarrassed and if it hadn’t been for T and the kids meeting me at the picnic, I would have slinked away never to be seen again.

As we got going I feel in line and rode the rest of the way with the pack. It was nice easy paced cruise. We pulled up to the park and one left turn in front of the park, Elf died. F*&K

It was easy enough to roll her in and park her. But that did not take the sting of embarrassment away.

I was super excited, T and the kids were waiting for me. They had driven up for the Picnic at the end. It was good to feel T hug me. Her presence immediately calms me. Both the kids were happy to eat and look at the bikes.




We enjoyed the rest of the lunch in the park, not making too much conversation. A little here and there. I think I was very focused on T and the kids and so I may have pulled away a bit from everyone else.

The family got to say hello to PITA and Runamuk, They’re still pretty new to the group so there was not that many more that knew them. I was hoping to introduce them to Gary and Funsize, but we missed Gary for some reason, and Funsize didn’t make the ride.

They were able to meet Crash, and I was happy for that. Although I later found out he had been fighting a11017217_10153393528894238_5235375200751202834_n headache for the ride and so he was hurting.


Jester got up when everything was winding down and told the story of the Guardian Bell. I would post it, but I think Jester does a better job explaining it.

(VIDEO coming soon)

Jaina and Kyler put my bell on for me, with Jesters help. I have to say that when Jester said that I was a new rider In their group I felt really… Accepted I guess would be the best word. They had not judged me for Elf having issues.

They had pushed past my social anxiety, they had become my friends over all odds and me pushing against it. We said our goodbyes and again more people popped out of the woodwork, letting me know our presence was appreciated and enjoyed.

T and I got Elf going again with a jump off our SUV, and we started the long road home. Elf was not done though. As I rode I felt the spark wain, and she would die out. Elf killed out four times on the hundred miles to home.

Antoher couple F*&ks along the way a big rock came up and hit and broke my Right blinker,IMG_1742

F*&K! then not even 30 miles down the road my right side rear view mirror started to fall off so I grabbed it and put in my pocket. F*&K!IMG_1745

Having T behind me made all the difference, but it was still 7:00 when we rolled into the driveway of our home, all of us were beat.

I thought I would be embarrassed over the next few days, but a ton of people contacted me through facebook to tell me how great it had been to see Elf and myself on the ride. I wanted to apologize for getting in the way, or holding things up.

None of them would have it. That is the nature of bikes. they told me, we all break down. Basically in one resounding voice they told me “Sorry this is not the excuse you get to use to run away.”

I really want to thank all my friends for the warm reception, but to Cutter, VooDoo and Mac I want to say a special thank you for hanging with me, I can’t tell you what it meant to me.

I can’t wait for the next ride with my group, the Utah county chapter of ABATE. How about you come join us, if your on two wheels I promise you will get a warm reception, and most likely leave with a whole new group of friends.11102735_1634752980079109_1709547611607708109_n


One of our other members also wrote a piece about this ride,

11255321_10203012134144139_8723647432330007993_n11403415_10203012133944134_7143932372863433455_n (1)








If you see any errors in this piece I would love an email and I will try to get the error fixed








By Lucien Maier

For Lucien Maier


Why do you do it?

Do what?

Pick up that pen over and over?

I have to write…


But It never gives you what you want, you fight at it over and over. You have written and written and written, and its never paid off. No fame, No fortune.


I dont do it for that. I do it to be a voice through time. A highwayman.


Sure sure you tell yourself that. You want to be shakespeare we have all heard it. But its not completely true is it. You have other dreams don’t you? A little shop full of bikes all your own, Movies with your words all over them, Long motorcycle rides and even longer writes. So your not without material want.


Its true I have long dreamed of a live built around my family, wrenching, riding and writing. and yeah I even admit I would love to see something by me on the screen. But that is not why I write.

Well then why do you write?

Because I have too. Because all those years ago I set myself on this path.

Knowing full well this is most likely where I would wind up. Knowing that even I was successful there was a damn good chance I would never see a lick of that success. But yet I wanted this anyway, for all the pain and the heartache I could do it no other way.

But then why are you so hurt by it? It destroys you that people don’t grab onto your words. You have put it above everything and all its ever brought you is disappointment?

You know I wish it was a fucking choice I wish I could walk away and never think about it again. But the simple truth is I know I need to do this, even if I keep falling flat on my face. Then that is exactly what is meant for me. It always has been. Sometime I think….


What do you think?

I can’t stop writing but maybe I should just stop releasing it to the world. Maybe then the pain won’t be as harsh. Accepting failure….

It will just call you back like it always does. No my friend you are just in for it. You get to open your chest and let the contents pour out on the sheet of paper. and For all your good intent and your hard work, You can’t stop writing, and you can’t stop presenting your work to the world like a pathetic child in hope of some praise.

And it will never take off and I will always be that poor author that never did anything.

So Be It.

so be it.




If you see any errors in this piece I would love an email and I will try to get the error fixed

It is what We make it

“It is what We make it”


For Carlos Bourdon

By Lucien Maier

Its been a few years now. But he is never far away.
Cancer caught him far to early, He had so much more to teach me.
You see I used to be the IT guy for a printing company.
I knew a lot about computers but my knowledge of Press’s when I started was very little.
One day the IR dryers went out on one of these presses.
The computer interface had an issue.
Desperate to get back and running my boss assigned, Carlos and myself to try to figure it out.
Carlos like me took the world by the horns and hardly ever took no for an answer.
We worked together that day for 2 hours, and not only did we repair the two million dollar press. We also found the recurring problem and wrote it out of the system. A fix we applied to the other two press’s in Salt lake and then six more in Raleigh and Dallas.
Carlos and I became good friends, always giving each other shit when we crossed paths.
Our little print company was doing real good and they decided they wanted to expand to Raleigh NC.
Carlos jumped on the chance to go and set up the new shop. So off they went to convert a fish packing plant into a printing operation.  I was sent a few months later, to set up the computer systems.
On the IT side of things, power was not run correctly, the network was not done correctly and the bandwidth was not married to our system correctly. I had my work cut out for me. In dealing with the contractors, I heard a saying a lot. “It is what it is.”
They said it to everything, if something went wrong it was meet with “It is what it is.”


The second day of my trip I stopped by Carlos’s office and expressed my frustration with the “It is what it is” attitude. Carlos gave me his trademark smile.

“Fuck that, it is what we make it.”


And over that day and the next every time I ran into the attitude, Carlos’s voice would go over them in my head and I would  present them with a solution. I was able to resolve every issue and when I left the whole system was up and running.

Even to this day anytime I hear someone say something like “It is what it is”

Carlos always pops into my head, encouraging me not to believe them.


During that trip we would normally walk into the bosses office at the end of the day to report what had gotten done. He would always walk into that meeting with the same saying. “GOT WORK?”

Carlos always looked for where he could be helpful. He never turned down any job. He did everything to get that old fish plant into a state of the art print shop. He was always looking to work and to contribute.

One day I told him I wanted to use his last name as the name of a werewolf in my book OF THE WOLF “ZION”. I asked because I wanted permission, but the reaction I got I was not prepared for.

He was really taken back, and thanked me profusely. I was thrown off that it meant so much to him. The wolf Bour’don was honest kind and helpful to all. He didn’t believe in limits, and he was always ready to push things to the next level. Just like Carlos.


I miss you everyday Carlos, Your voice is never far from my mind.

I try to live by “It is what we make it.”

But man I sure wish I could make it so you could be back with us.



If you see any errors in this piece I would love an email and I will try to get the error fixed