A Christmas With Wet Fur

A Christmas with Wet Fur is a Christmas Story done for the benefit of Zion National Park. I hope you will give it a look/listen :D




Woof is a Christmas story done for the Benfit of the Utah Animal Adoption Center. I hope you will take a look

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Lights Out

Lights Out is a  Christmas short story done for the Benefit of the Tooele Childerns Justice center.

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Seeing all the early birds on bikes this year ain’t easy, but it might be worth it.


By Lucien Maier

Edited By Temperance Penrod


Oh yeah I see you.

With you brand new bike with the temp tags.

Hell you’re even right I wish I was on my bike right now too.


But here’s the thing. I am building my bike.

Pulling it out of the ashes of ruin.

From disappointment,

I have pulled potential.


I have held her pistons in my hands.

Assembled the crankcase,

Heard her start for the first time.

And figured out what every parts purpose is.


I have built a relationship with my bike,

Sure its a couple pieces of metal and rubber.

But she also holds my,




and Frustration.


Yeah I want to be out with the early birds,

But this year when I do come out,

Well, then I won’t be just a rider anymore.

I will be a builder.


So for now I am a little green.

Wishing things would come together a little faster,

and that my bike was beneath me now.


But when I do swing out next to you on my two wheels,

You wont be able to stop looking at every little detail.

Because every little detail is me…..


So I opened my email today and one of my friends had asked me to write a story about bullying. Well I normally don’t take requests. But this time I am not sure why but I had to write this. so here:

No More

By Lucien Maier

Edited By Temperance Penrod


Clara wanted nothing more than to curl up in a ball and remain in her bed the rest of the day, where it was safe. They would be on the bus, waiting for her. It had all started in second grade. Clara had been very open and very excited about school and friends.

But that year, Jen started to criticize how she dressed. It was petty at first, but within two years, Jen had recruited two of her friends, and the teasing had become merciless. Every year it had gotten worse.

So Clara had pulled further and further away from everything. Reading had become an escape over the years, and the books leaned more and more towards stories of finding their own place in the world.

A hour later she stood at the bus stop, and grimaced as the bus came around the corner to pick her up. The bus stopped and the door opened with a woosh. She boarded and walked, with her head down, to the seat she sat in everyday.

“Nice shirt, Clara.” Jen balked.

She ignored her.

“Where you get it at, the old folks home?” One of Jen’s flunkies chimed in.

She ignored her too. As best as she could.

“Wow.” A voice came.

He was in the back of them and they had paid no attention. He had moved into the neighborhood a week ago. He was a senior and Jen and her friends had now become very interested in the new guy on the bus.

Clara could not believe her luck, hopefully they would be too preoccupied making goo goo faces at this new guy, and not harass her the rest of trip. She was wrong, but it would not be as bad as she thought.

Jen had misread the “wow” out of his lips as a sign that he was okay with the teasing. She started back in on the shirt.

“Do you always wear shirts from your Dad’s closet?” She laughed out.

“And what if she did have to borrow clothes from her dad?. Which by the way, is not what it looks like to me. But if she did really have to, do you really think that criticizing her about that is funny?” He said in a smoky voice.

“Oh don’t worry about her, no one gives a crap about her. My name is Jen, what’s your’s, sexy?” She asked in her best flirty tone.

“Not interested.” He said.

“Whatever, side with the little skank. I don’t care. No one likes her, hang out with her and you’re nothing at our school.” She snapped, now angry. Her attraction to him made her rethink. “But you don’t know any better.” She smiled. “If you want, you can come sit by me?” Jen asked him.

She was encouraged when he got up from his seat, but he did not sit next to her. He walked straight to the seat next to Clara.

“Mind if I sit here?” He asked with a smile.

She stared at him blankly for a minute. Not sure how to react to this. He stood patiently smiling for a moment longer. “If you want, I could go back to that seat.” He said, his shoulders slumping a little bit.

The confidence he had around the bullies, he did not have around her.

“Sorry, sorry, sure you can sit down.” Clara replied, she could not help a glance back at the girls who had tormented her. They were all straight green jealous.

Then she turned her attention back to the guy.

“Hi, my name is Randy.” He said holding his hand out to shake.

“My name is Clara.” She said, holding onto the hand shake a bit longer than she should have. He smiled shyly as the handshake broke. “You just move in?” She asked.

“Yeah, it’s killing me. The moving truck should be here today with my bike, and then I won’t have to ride the bus anymore. But for today, I am stuck.” Randy replied.

“Well, the school is a couple of miles away, I don’t know that you want to ride a bicycle.” She commented. Hoping he would not rush off the bus.

“Oh sorry, its not a pedal bike. I have a motorcycle.” He said nonchalantly.

However, everyone in earshot was trying to listen in on the conversation. The mention of a motorcycle and the new guy were driving curiosity levels on the bus very high.

They continued with light small talk. As the bus pulled into the school, Clara’s face was starting to turn down, she knew once the school had him, he would never talk to her again.

However to her surprise, he asked, “Can you show me where the office is?”

She quickly replied that she would be happy to.

This started the best day Clara had experienced at school, ever. Randy carried himself with confidence. A confidence high school kids hardly ever get, by proxy, she flowed with him through his day.

They did not have any classes together, but since he was a senior, he only had 3 classes in the morning and the rest of the day he went to her classes, because he had to wait for the bus to get him home.

On the way home, he made a point of asking for Clara’s number in front of Jen. About a half hour after she walked in the door of her house, she got a text. It read:

“My bike came! Come see it!”

She rushed out the door, and rode her ten speed to his house, and there in the garage, he was happily tinkering on his bike. It was not large, a 500cc older bike from the eighties. It was apparent, he had spent a long time bringing the bike to the level it was at now.

“Wow, it’s awesome!” she said as she rolled up.

He looked up with a big grease smudge across his nose. She could not help but giggle. He looked at her confused, she reached out and rubbed the grease from his nose, then held the dark finger up to him.

He smiled, curled his lips, and he began to laugh. “That I am afraid, is pretty much par for the course for me.”

She sat in the garage until eight that night. He taught her about the bike as he went through everything. She was so engrossed, she did not realize what time it was and wound up rushing home two hours late.

Her mom was mad, but Clara was preoccupied with thinking about Randy, and didn’t mind too much being sent to her room.

The next morning came, and she was unhappily waiting at the bus stop. Randy would ride his bike in today, which means she would be left alone, with the bullies.

She was wrong. As the bus turned the corner a bike shot in front of it and pulled in front of the stop. “Come on.” Randy said.

She ran over and she could feel all the eyes of the bus on her. He handed her a helmet. Which was too big, but she strapped it on as best she could and climbed on the back and they took off.

A few moments later they pulled into the school, again all eyes following them. She had a good day at school. However, the dread started to build and build after Randy had left after they had lunch.

She would have to ride the bus home alone.

Jen had her number too. The two days of envy opened fully on that bus. The three girls said things to Clara that she would never forget. It was not even half way through the ride, and Clara was crying full force.

The bus finally got to her stop. She rushed off the bus, and like an angel, there stood Randy with a smile on his face. It dropped off quickly when he caught site of Clara’s face. He eyes now burned with anger.

“Wait here.” He said and walked over to the bus as the driver was closing the door. Before he could shut door all the way, a black motorcycle boot stuck in the door. He pushed it open and walked on the bus. He looked at the driver. “Leave it open.”

Randy walked to the back where the three girls sat looking confused at him. “NO MORE! You’re leeches.” He said directly to them. “You’re pathetic to pick on a girl just because you can. It’s sad really.” His voice got louder. “But the saddest thing, is that all of you allowed it.” He said waving to the bus. “How many stupid comments have you all over looked, out of fear of becoming the next target? That you somehow respect these girls, is beyond me, but that you allow them to do this, is criminal. None of you deserve to have someone treat you like Clara is treated every day. Wouldn’t you want someone, anyone to stand up for you?” Randy asked.

“You know, my folks said I would love this town for the rest of my high school. Well, I am glad I met Clara, because as for the rest of you, I would really not want anything to do with any of you.” Randy said, and as he walked out he looked at the driver. “This is your job to stop this stuff, next time do it.” Randy said and walked out to Clara.

Everyone was quiet on the bus as they pulled away.

“What a jerk.” Jen said.

But three people looked at her and told her to shut up, her power had been stripped away. People looked at her with disgust.

Putting Clara back together would prove much harder over the next few days. Randy had taken her home and explained the situation to Clara’s mom. Who had probed her daughter before, but she would never admit to any problem.

Her mom was so much more understanding than Clara had thought she would be. She even called the school to let them know of the situation. Clara’s mom asked if she could stay home from school for a while, until Clara could collect herself.

That night Randy came back over with a beat up old paperback. She read the book about a seagull who could never accept the limits that were placed on him. Although it was a small book, she read it twice that day.

The next day after lunch time she went over to Randy’s house. He was not home yet, but his mom asked her to wait, he would only be a moment.

Randy pulled up on his bike a few minutes later. She walked over to him “You read the book?” He asked.

She hugged him. “It was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much.” She said.

He smiled, “Well, good. Now we need to teach you to fly.”

Behind him his Father pulled up with a truck, behind the truck on a trailer was an old beat up 250cc bike.

“He got a new bike?” She asked.

“No, you got a new bike.” As he said it the mirror fell off the bike. “Well, maybe not new.” He smiled.

They spent three days together in that garage, slowly bringing the small motorcycle to a point she could ride it. Then he taught her to ride. They were even able to get her to the DMV to take her motorcycle test that friday.

That weekend she rode with Randy and showed him all around the town. They had long conversations, but more importantly, she had long conversations with herself in the silence that only comes when riding.

Sunday night rolled around and Randy had been asked by Clara’s mom to join them for dinner. They ate and talked and Monday morning came up.

“I want to go back to school tomorrow.” Clara said.

“Are you sure, honey?” Her mom asked.

“For sure, I am not the girl that rode that bus anymore Mom. I can handle it.” She replied.

Sure enough Clara was ready to ride to school as Randy pulled up. They passed the bus on the way to school. Now all the kids knew Randy’s bike by now, but they didn’t who was on the second.

Clara may have been right that she was not the same girl, but what she had not expected, is that the whole school would have changed too. She was pulled into the principal’s office, he apologized over and over.

He let her know that Jen had been suspended and would not be allowed to bother her again.

So it was. Clara was not bothered by anyone, and although Jen never said anything, the other two girls apologized to her many times. People at school treated her much better, but not only that, they watched out for others.

They had taken Randy’s words to heart. They decided as a school that they would not allow it to happen to anyone at their school. The year was amazing, until the summer. Randy graduated and then announced he would be going to college out of state. It destroyed Clara.

“How the heck am I going to get through next year Randy?” she asked him one night before he left.

“Get through? I expect a lot more out of you than just to get through. Why do you think I wanted to know you that first day on the bus?” He asked.

“You felt sorry for me.” She answered matter of fact.

“NO!” He replied. “I saw me in you. I came from the same thing. I used to be teased so much. But when I hit sixteen I got the bike, I stopped taking crap. I stopped letting them define who I am. I decided that was my job. Once I took that power out of their hands, they could never get it over me again. And now you have now done the same thing.” Randy said.

“With your help.” She added.

“Maybe that is true, but I suppose that means you have to help someone one day too.” Randy replied.

A few days later Randy was packed up and gone. It was not easy for Clara, but she was able move forward.

He had been right, they were never able to exercise that power over her again. They asked her to speak at her graduation. She walked up to the podium.

“NO MORE.” She started. “Those two words changed my life. You see, I was picked on through my younger years, but one day a guy came along and he said, ‘NO MORE.’” She said, trying to hold back tears in her eyes. “And you know what? He changed everything. He had the courage to stand up and tell them to leave me alone, and he had an open heart to show me how to be strong. Its hard, because I miss him everyday. Why? Because I see him in all of you, everyday. He made us a better school, and he made us all better people. I have tried to make sure that no one is allowed to be bullied in our school. I am glad to graduate, but I hope you will make it a tradition in our school, that we will never allow it to happen to anyone.”

The audience erupted in cheers.

More importantly, her words stayed with them. And every year they hung a huge banner that said “NO MORE” in the main hall. They became a model to all the other schools of how to root out bullies.

After a graduation dinner many of her friends went off to party, but she rode home with her mom. To her surprise, there sat Randy on his bike in the driveway.

“Good speech.” He said smiling as she ran into his hug.

“Thanks, I had good inspiration.” She said.

“Wanna go a for a ride?” He asked.

“Be right back.” She said and rushed toward the house. She stopped.

She turned and walked back to him. She kissed him long on the lips. After the kiss broke, Randy was bright red. “I have been wanting to do that for an awfully long time.” Clara said.

“I am glad you did.” Randy said. She ran in the house and in a moment she was in her riding gear and they disappeared down the road.





Just a fun poem for all the spring riders out there.


By Lucien Maier

Edited By Temperance Penrod


There is nothing like waking up on a Monday morning,

A smile plays on your lips because today you ride!

And then you look out the window.





I was really hoping for the bike today,

You shoulders sag and go get your coffee.

On with the day.


You wake up on Tuesday.

To the window like a flash!




DAMN IT!!!!!!


Stupid, dumb, mean rain. Pfffft. Off to get my coffee.


Wednesday morning,





THIS IS SOME $*%&  $(** (()$$  ((*$ (*$(*$(*(*(*$)

(#@)$ (#$&#(% &#)$# ($ *)# ($**) #(*$





Thursday morning,

Peak through the blinds and……



Steam pours from my ears and I go get coffee.


Friday, sweet friday….

You won’t let me down,

Dash it all and throw back the curtains and…..




Utah can be pretty mean in the Spring….

At The Pump

This is not really my story. I have had this dream a couple times over the last couple weeks and I wanted to share it.

At The Pump


From the Dreams of Lucien Maier872c1d4bc5f15e74d6b816f6f3aeb686

Edited By: Temperance Penrod


I have been having this dream lately, it is one of the most powerful dreams I have ever had so I decided to write it down.

I wake up and its a normal day. I get out of bed and I go downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee. I let the dog out and in, and give a treat to said dog for being such a good boy and not peeing in my house.

I grab my coffee and head for the shower. The depression for me is at its hardest in the month of February, for a reason I have never been able to figure out. So I feel it hanging heavy on me in the morning.

I shake off that first and hardest burst of depression I get in the morning, while I am working to pretty myself up for the day. I kiss my wife, kids, dog, and cat goodbye for the day and get into my car.

I drive to the gas station as the next wave of depression starts over me again. As I pump my gas, a group of bikes pulls in. Now I ride, so I watch intently. They five guys get off their bikes laughing and joking, with huge smiles on their faces.

I feel raging jealousy as they pat each other on the back, and head into the convenience store. I turn my attention back to the pump. Honestly doing my best to hold back the flood of emotions that drives tears into my eyes.

I hate myself for this flaw. I have been known to burst into tears by myself, overwhelmed by the weight of my own life.

“Hey Brother, you dropped your wallet.” I look up and there is one of the bikers.

He hands me the wallet. When I look up he must see tears welling or something. “I know how hard it is brother. Depression is no easy battle. But you are doing it. And one day it will be much easier than it is now.” He says looking me straight in the eyes.

I don’t know what to say to the guy, and I collapsed into tears. Thinking to myself, NOT IN FRONT A STRANGER. The biker grabs me into a hug.

“No buddy, not a stranger, just a guy walking the same path as you. Maybe I am just a little further down it.” He pats me on the back and helps me into my car and sends me on my way. As I drive out of the gas station, I faded to black.

Years pass.

As the light comes back I am riding with my buddies, we decide to stop at the gas station. It was long ago, I came here every morning to gas up my old beat up car to go to work everyday. We pull in and we get off the bikes laughing and joking. The Boys treat me great, truely a set of friends I can always count on.

I know I am happy. Truly happy, not always fighting to be happy. I can feel all the pieces of my life are firmly in place. Something about the situation feels like deja vu.

Then I turn and see my old car sitting at the pump. and there I am pumping gas. And sure enough the wallet is laying on the ground.

“I will catch up with you guys.” I say and I start walking over to the car, and pick up the wallet.

Then I wake up.


I don’t really know what to make of it. But it seems it has a lesson for me, one which I try to apply everyday.

The Bus

Sometimes you don’t know whats really important till you loose it.

The Bus13544a3da644ced4af1cac23c72e3a2f

By, Lucien Maier

Edited By, Temperance Penrod


The summer had began with tears. Nikki had been chasing Justin for a little over a year when he finally noticed her. And now a mere three months into their relationship, she had to leave for camp.

She had gone there for years. This year returning as a counselor. Even though she had lifetime friends at camp, she was a mess when she boarded the bus. Her boyfriend smiled and waved as she pulled away for the the three hour ride into the woods.

At the beginning of the woods an old motorcycle blew a black cloud of smoke as it whirred past the bus. She looked after him, something about motorcycles had always been very romantic to her.

She doubted Justin would ever ride one though, so she pushed off the thought.

They passed the bridge over the river, the large river moved fast underneath. Right after the bridge was a police officer with the old beat up motorcycle pulled over.

The rider was a young man not a year or two older than her. His eyes caught hers as they passed, and something stirred in her. Although she could not identify what.

She got off the bus and squeaked out her aches and krinks in her body, after the long uncomfortable ride. Her camp crew came running, then falling into a group embrace.

Nikki still missed Justin, but she could at least smile with her friends. They were there a day before the campers for orientation.  They turned to go to their cabin when bike pulled in.

He got off the bike and the moment he took off his helmet, he made eye contact with Nikki again. This time she knew exactly what stirred and instantly got angry with herself for betraying Justin in her thoughts.

She turned away even through her friends watched the motorcycle rider walk into the office. Later they found out he was Danny and he was actually the son of the camp director.  Throughout the summer they saw him here and there but mostly he kept to himself.

She could not help but look after him, here and there. Although she dutifully wrote Justin everyday. Although it was wearing on her that he had not written back.

She walked by the large barn and heard someone screaming, she poked her head through the door. There was Danny trying to get the bike to start.  In fact he had been trying to get the bike to start ever since that first day.

Once it had made it to camp it had died. From what she saw that was the only real thing that had kept Danny here. Now Nikki had always been observant, and she made a few mental notes and then left him to his yelling.

Later that day the concealers boarded the bus and were taken to town. Her mom always made her pack way too much so she really didn’t need much of anything. Across the street from the grocery store they were shopping at, was a motorcycle parts shop.

She could not help it she went inside. She looked around abit and then saw something. Now she knew that Justin would not be happy about her thinking about this. However, she just couldn’t help it. She made her purchase and then rushed out to the bus.

She felt guilty as she rode back from the store, but in her head she said things. “I am not interested. I am just trying to help out.”  and “He would not be mad at me for helping a friend.”  But no matter what she said to herself. A little part of her ached at the betrayal of Justin.

When they got back it was just before dinner. She went by the barn and he had been in there all day working on the bike. However to her luck, with a grumble he walked off to get in line for food.

After he had left she snuck in and left her present on the seat of the bike and ran off. With that she promised herself to not have anymore thoughts about Danny. She didn’t even make to the cafeteria.

She was so devoted to Justin, she had no idea how this could be happening. Why could she not get this guy out of her thoughts. She looked up from her food at him. He sat alone in a the corner.

The campers were mostly scared of him, And most of the counselor were too worried about getting into each others pants to notice him. Not Nikki though, she noticed everything about him.

They way his hair always appeared a bit unruly as if it had a mind of its own. His eyes were a deep hazel with many colors dancing throughout. As she sat eating and stealing glances at him. Nikki realized, that she liked Danny far more than she should.

He finished his food quickly and was off to the barn. She had promised herself she wouldn’t, so of course, she went back by the barn on her way to her cabin. She peaked in the door. He was sitting on a bale of hay reading the manual she had bought for him.

She smiled, Hopefully it would help him fix the bike.

“Did you get me this?” He asked, waving the book toward her.

She debated running. “Did you?” He asked again.

He stared straight at the door even though he could not see her. She sighed, and pushed the door open a little and came in.

“I did, I heard you fighting it earlier. I thought it might help you.” She replied, shuffling from foot to foot.

She looked up and he smiled. It lit up her whole soul. Shivers went from her core to her every tip.

“Thanks, that was pretty cool of you.” Danny replied.

“Do you think it could help you fix it?” She asked.

“Yeah for sure. You could help if you wanted.” Danny asked. Now he shuffled his feet a bit.

And thus it started. She ran to the barn anytime she was not tending to her campers. And they happily worked on the bike together. She spent hours with him and although there were times she wanted to reach out to him and kiss him.

Not to mention the countless times she had thought about him reaching out and kissing her. However, It never happened. She always thought to herself that it was good because of Justin, but deep down inside she believed it less each time she thought it.

The campers were having a dance and Danny was actually there. She stopped by him sitting on the outskirts of the dance.

“Didn’t expect you to be here?” She asked sitting down next to him.

“Dad said I better or else.” He grumbled.

“Oh no.” She said,

“Sorry didn’t mean to make you mad.” He replied.

“No, not you. One of my campers Maddie has a huge crush on Mike over there. And I think Mike likes her too, but he is to shy to ask her to dance.”  She explained.

Danny sat for a moment and then smiled. “We can fix that. Go ask Mike to dance.” Danny said and got up and disappeared. She had no idea what he was upto until he turned up right in front of Maggie.

Maggie looked up and caught her breath, Danny held out his hand with a large smile playing across his lips. “Dance with me.” He said.

She grabbed his hand maybe a little too quickly. He pulled into his arms and they started to dance. Now Nikki smiled, although there was a small part of her that was jealous. She looked over to Mike. She had been right, he liked Maggie.

He was looking at the two dancing and she could see his heart was breaking a little. She stood up and walked over to him.

“Dance with me?” She asked him.

He smiled at the chance and they spun out on to the dance floor. The four danced for a moment. Maggie was enjoying the dance, but saw him stealing glances at Nikki. “You like her don’t you?” She asked.

“Don’t tell anyone, but yes very much. But I don’t know how to tell her.” Danny replied honestly.

“I know.” Maggie said and they danced closer to the other. “Hi Mike, we should let these two dance.” She said across the floor.

Mike looked down at the floor. “Ok.” He muttered and turned to walk away.

Danny ran over to him. “No man, this when you ask Maggie to dance.” He said with a smile.

“She wouldn’t want to dance with me.” Mike said with a bit of a whimper.

“YES she would!” Maggie said. His face turned from a frown and he all but ran over to her. Off they danced.

“That was done very smooth.” Nikki said picking up the dance with Danny.

“Wasn’t it though.” He said smiling at the two, who had all but forgotten their existence.

The dance went on and young love sprouted up between Maggie and Mike. After all was said and done, she walked to her cabin and saw a light come on in the barn. He was back at it.

In the morning she woke up and after breakfast her kids were part of a hike and she would have till the afternoon to herself. She sprinted for the barn.

Alas he was not there, and nor the bike. She worried, he had gone away for good. Her heart started to ache. She got mad at herself. He was not Justin she pushed into her mind. But as the minutes passed she became more and more distraught.

Then in pure relief she heard the bike coming up the road.  He was one big smile as he pulled up to her. “We did it!” He said as he turned off the bike.

“You did a great job.” She replied.

“You? Not you, we. You helped me. In fact if it weren’t for you I would have never gotten her back on the road. We make a great team you and I.” He smiled and handed her his helmet. “Come on let’s go.” He said, still all one big smile.

“Oh I couldn’t.” She replied.

“Always with the can’t, come on get on. I will be careful, I promise.” Danny said again and patted the back seat of the bike.

Nikki had not been worried about his riding. Her concern again swirled around Justin. But she strapped the helmet on and climbed on the back of the bike.  The moment she was on he took off down the road.

They rode all through the woods and didn’t come back until ten minutes before she would have her campers again. As she took her campers and got ready to go to the lake she saw him leave the camp again.

She had loved being on the back of the bike, it gave her a sense of freedom she had never felt before. If she was wholly honest, hanging onto Danny tightly did not bother her either.

Weeks passed, the campers were set to go home. Maggie gave Nikki a huge hug “Thanks so much for this summer, you have taught me so much. But I really want to say something to you.” Maggie said.

“Of course you can tell me anything.” Nikki replied.

“Danny, he likes you, and you like him. You two should be together.” Maggie said with only the certainty a twelve year old can carry.

“I don’t know about that. You see I have a boyfriend back at home.” Nikki tried to explain.

“He ain’t Danny. He never will be.” Maggie replied, her confidence not even shakin.

They boarded the bus and her campers were gone for the year. They would have the counselor dance and tomorrow it would be her turn to say goodbye.

She went to dance and there he was, Danny and her danced for most of the night. They wound up sitting on the dock at the end of the night.

“What if I said I wanted to kiss you?” Danny asked.

“I would love to, but Justin. I swore I would be loyal.” She replied.

Danny shut down. It had hurt him, deeper than he thought he could be hurt.

“I am so sorry Danny, I care for you so much.” Nikki started but he cut her off.

“Don’t be sorry, I really only care about my bike anyway. Long as I have that I am happy.” He stood up to go, but she grabbed him.

“Danny I am sorry.” She tried to express how horrible she felt. He shrugged her off, and put on a fake smile.

“Dont worry about it. I need to go for a ride.” Danny said and disappeared. A moment later she heard the bike startup and scream out of the camp.

The next morning she tracked him down in the barn. The bike was loaded up.

“Hey you heading out to today?” Nikki asked.

“Yeah, I am going to hit the open road. I’m eighteen they can’t stop me. So I think I will go out on my own for a while. Just me and the bike.” He said. “Pick up and odd job here and there and float around for a while.”  Danny replied.

“Wont you miss your Dad?” She asked.

“No, I won’t miss anyone. As long as I have the bike I have everything I need.” Danny said. “Your heading home huh?” He shrugged to the waiting bus.

“Yeah, I guess. Hey listen about last night.” She started but he cut her off.

“Nothing to say. You are loyal to Justin, I am loyal to my bike it would have never worked. Hey, look at it this way if it weren’t for you this bike would never have come back to life. You helped me make the most important thing in the world.” He said and turned away to wipe a tear that boiled in his eye.

“Well fine, if its the most important thing, then now you have it.” She said with a little venom in her voice.

He came over to her and hugged her. “Say hey to Justin for me.” He replied, also with a little venom in his voice.

They broke the hug and she mumbled out a goodbye and headed for the bus.  As soon as they pulled out of camp she started to cry.

Danny blasted past them about thirty seconds before they crossed the bridge.

Now Nick, the bus Driver, had been drinking most of the morning. The kids were too chatty to notice how badly he had been swerving. Now as they crossed bridge he swung far to wide and with a horrible squeal ran across the guardrail on the right side.

Overcorrected and then went straight through the rail on the left and into the icy river below. With a gigantic splash the bus started to disappear down the river.

Hearing the squeal Danny slid the bike to a stop. Just in time to see the bus go over the edge of the bridge. He pulled out a knife and cut the rope holding his gear, and it fell to the pavement below.

His engine roared as he headed back for the bridge at full speed. He launched the bike off the bridge into the air and almost caught up to the bus. He had sent himself into a dive and swam down current and caught the back of the bus.

He was able to open the emergency door on the back of the bus and immediately kids started to flood out. He was able to make his way in and found Nikki, she was petrified in her bench.

He grab her by the arm, but she resisted. The shock pouring over her.

“Where’s your bike?” She asked.

“Some things are way more important than my bike.” He said and yanked her out of the chair. He got her to the back and passed her on to other kids who were working together to get to shore.

All the kids were not out of the bus with the exception of Danny who was in the front pulling Nick free from the driver’s seat as the bus went over a small waterfall and into a pool where the bus began to file.

Danny worked but was able to get them to the back of the bus, However the door had swung shut and now the bus was filling with water. Danny kicked and hit the door but it did not open.

He took his last breath and slowly everything started to fade away.

They had pulled him from the bus but his vitals were low.

They were all taken to the hospital. Where all her friends talked about how brave Danny must have been. Also, of course, how sad it was that he lay in a coma in the same hospital.


Her parents soon came and since she had no major injuries, they cleared her to go home. She desperately wanted to stay by Danny’s side, but her parents were insistent that she go home.

When she got home there was no Justin. No loving arms to wrap up into. She went in the house and texted him. “Hey, I am home want to come by and say hi.” She sent off excited to see the one thing she had missed all summer.

A moment later she received a message that she would never forget “Hey, sorry me and Kathy kind of hooked up while you were gone. Guess I should have told you, but I can’t see you no more.” The words read like ice across her veins.

She cried.

She stayed in bed for days and cried.

Then she woke up, she got out of bed and into the shower.

And life went on.

She kept in contact with the camp director and after six months Danny came out of his coma. He had a lot of physical therapy, so they kept him at the hospital. She drove up to camp the night she graduated.

That night the light in the barn burned for the first time in a long time. And Nikki, well she set to work.

Two weeks later Danny came back to camp. He would rebuild the bike which had been fished out of the river. Once it was ready, he would again set out to explore the open road.

However, when they got out of the car the barn door swung open and there sat his bike, ready to go. Nikki next to it smiling.

“Welcome back!” She said.

He smiled. “You fixed it already?” Danny asked.

“She’s been here for two weeks son.” His father answered.

He hobbled over and gave her a hug. “Sorry about how snide I was to you before all this.” He said sheepishly.

She laughed. “You saved everyone on that bus’s life. You don’t have to say sorry for anything.” She hugged him again.

Two weeks later that sat back on the end of the dock.

“What would you say if I wanted to kiss you?” She asked him this time.

“What about Justin?” He asked.

She grabbed his chin and looked him straight in the eyes. “Who’s that?” She asked and kissed him deep.

He broke the kiss and looked a little sad.

“What’s wrong?” She asked at the look.

“I leave again tomorrow. And now you kiss me.” Danny said.

“Don’t worry about it tonight, let’s just let it go.” She smiled and kissed him again. They stayed out far too late and kissed, snuggled and talked at the end of that pier.

After not very much sleep at all, he was ready to go. But Nikki had been missing all morning. He pulled his gear and strapped it to the back of the bike. It seemed like ages ago the last time he had tried this.

He was all ready to go and about to go to the lodge to grab his dad to say goodbye. When a motorcycle came out from behind the barn. It was loaded for a long trip as well.

Nikki pulled the bike up and parked it and took her helmet off.

“How about I come with you this time. Make sure you don’t fall in a river.” She smiled.

“If you did, I would chase after you again. Some things are much more important than a bike.” He replied.

The whole camp got word of the goodbye and they all waved them off as they pulled out and went down the road.



That summer was full of many adventures and lessons for the two. Ones they would never forget.




The Star

Laura knew she had to do the movie, even though everyone else told her not to. Because this movie would change her life.


The Star

By Lucien Maier


She Squinted trying to wash the haze of alcohol out of her system. But it was no use , the car swerved more and more. The high-end slide out and she over-corrected and launched the car into a telephone pole.

The next few weeks were horrible.  The tabloids went nuts, surrounding her court appearances like it was a war. She did her best to be strong, but she was confused and scared. The judge finally handed out his decision.

She was let go on bail but put on probation. It was her first major offence, and her status as a super-star had helped her avoid a stronger punishment.

Her agent, Lawyer, and mother all acted as if she had done nothing wrong.

Laura would never be normal. That was easy to see. When she was five her mother pushed her into doing some commercials. Quickly after the Chocolate milk commercial had run the phone began to ring.

By the time Laura was fourteen she had six major motion pictures under her belt. Her modest start to life in Michigan, now only a distant memory.

She tried to be a good student, but soon realized it didn’t matter if she studied. Her position as a movie star had insured she would get good grades.

She had become used to being privileged, and by the time she was eighteen she had shifted into her life as a Hollywood superstar. Living in the fast lane and never slowing down. Parties and Clubs every night.

She avoided home like the plague. Her mother always hounding her to make more money, and keep up her public appearance. The Rest of the world thought she was living out a fairy tale. However, in truth she lived in a nightmare every day.

Laura realized her life was out of control, but she had no idea how to put herself back on track. To top it off no one seemed to want her to straighten out.



Her agent sent her a script, saying thing like “You must see this.” And “You’ll want to be in this project.”

Her agent had been correct, she did want in on the project. However the negotiations did not go well.

He walked into the meeting with a swagger and a crooked smile. He sat the down at the table without a word. Her agent introduced them. He shook her hand and gave her a smile, which sent a shiver down her spine.

He jumped right in. “I would love to have you in the movie, but I won’t pay the rate you’re asking for.” The statement hung in the air only for a second.

Her agent jumped in. “Well that has Laura’s normal rate. She has been getting ten million a movie for her last three films” Her agent defended.

“Well, that maybe true. To be honest I really don’t care. I am not going to sugar coat it.” He turned and looked at Laura. “I am willing to offer five hundred thousand.” He let the statement hang.

“That is outrageous!” The agent almost screamed.

“Maybe, but it is what I am willing to offer. If you are not interested I am sure you can find another project where they are willing to baby you and shower you with money. But that is not what I am here for.”  He said straight toward Laura, ignoring the agent.

He smiled at her and the same shiver went through her spine again. He stood up from the table “I hope to have you in the movie.” He said and left the office.

Laura agent sat down flabbergasted. They talked for a bit more and she went home.

She tried to go out that night and party, but Barry the director was in her head.

He had said it straight, he had a job and he had offered it to her, no bones about it.. No Hollywood bullshit. She admired him more than she even knew.

The next morning Laura called her agent.

“I am so sorry about the meeting with Barry. I should have made sure he was for real before ever calling you in. I am looking at another script for you and they are willing to pay your normal rate.” The agent spit out as fast as she could.

“No I want to project with Barry.” Laura said.

“What? Laura sweety you are worth so much more than that.” The agent said confused.

“Yeah maybe,” Laura replied. “But I don’t care I am going to do it.” Laura said firmly.

She had sat up all night thinking about how she would have to fight. And she did! For two weeks she fought, with her agent and mostly her mother. They gave her all sorts of reasons why she should turn down the project.

However, for the first time in her life Laura held to her guns, and blocked everything they said. When she boarded the plane to the shoot location she felt as if she had won a battle.

She closed her eyes her eyes as the plane took off and did not open them until the landing gear hit the ground.

She walked out of the gate and much to her surprise, there stood Barry to pick her up. He smiled as she walked up and the shiver ran through her spine again. She had made the right choice, she felt it deep inside.

He loaded her bags into the SUV and they started the hour long drive to the shoot location.

She smiled as he drove. “Why didn’t you send a driver for me?” She asked.

“Eehhh I had the time, and the drive is a good way to clear my thoughts. Anyway everyone on the set is a total stress-ball. Little Hollywood money and everyone thinks they own you.” He said with a knowing smile. “Why did you wind up taking the project? Your agent is still not happy about it.” Barry asked.

“You thinks shes bad you should hear my mom.” She paused and looked out the window. “She is really pissed you banned her from the set.” She tried to sound strong, but in truth when her agent had told her about her mother being banned, Laura wanted to do the movie even more.

“Well, She’ll get over it.” He said with a big cheesy grin on his face. “I am glad you came, but I still wonder why?” He asked.

“You treated me normal. I have not anyone do that, ever. Everyone freaks out when I am around. You just walked in and said your piece. After reading the script I knew I wanted to play Jenny. And after meeting you I knew I needed to work with you.” laura said.

He smiled “Good,I wrote the part for you so I was glad when you accepted it.” He replied.

“You did? You never said that in the meeting?” Laura asked.

“No, if you could not see you playing this part there is no point in chasing you for it.” He replied.

“But I was your first choice?” She asked.

“You were my only choice. We did not approach anyone else about the part. “ he replied.

“But what if I would have said no?” She asked.

“Then I wouldn’t be making this movie.” Barry replied. “I got a few more ideas up my sleeve you know.” He replied with the same goofy smile.

“You would not have made this movie, yet you offered such a low amount?” She mulled it through out loud still confused.

“I knew you would do it.” He said.

“How?” She asked.

He smiled and and pointed at his heart. They arrived at the remote set a little over an hour later. She settled in.

The next day the shoot began, when she walked out everyone began to treat her like a superstar. Barry saw it and stopped the shoot. He called the entire crew over. “Alright, We are all very happy to have Laura. But we have a lot of shooting to do, so I dont have time for you to kiss her ass everytime she walks on set. So lets get it all out now, break for lunch. But when we come back she is an equal member of this crew.” He said sternly. The crew stood with mouths agape for a moment. “On this set all that matters is the movie. Go, have a good lunch, but be ready to work when you come back.”  Barry said and walked off.

Laura smiled after him, amazed at his level head. She wanted to thank him. but she was lead by the rest of the crew to an eating area. They sat on picnic benches, and ate lunch prepared by a nice older lady. That made sure everyone had what they wanted.

When they returned from lunch they worked. Barry worked them hard, but he also pushed each and everyone of them to do their best. The emotion he was able to pull from the actors and even Laura herself was amazing.

When they broke for dinner, Barry joined them at the table. The nice lady made sure everyone again had the food that wanted. Then she brought Barry a sandwich and kissed him on the forehead.

“Thanks mom.” He said with nothing but love in his eyes for her. Laura noticed it and made note to ask Barry asked her. They filmed two scenes after dinner.

It was ten o’clock when she finally made it back to her trailer. Not two minutes after she sat down there was a knock at the door.

She opened the door and there stood Barry with a goofy grin. “Hey, can I come in?” Barry asked.

“Sure.” She said, she was happy to see him even though she was tired.

He came in sat down. “I wanted to stop by and say that I meant no offence when I said before lunch.” He said.

“Ohhh, none taken.” She said. “It’s all so refreshing. I feel like everyone here is already starting to treat me normal. I can’t tell you how much that means to me Barry.” She explained.

“Must be strange to be you.” Barry pondered.

“Well, it won’t take long for you to be in the same boat.” She had watched his other two movies, and she was sure he would become one of the best directors in Hollywood.

“I don’t know.” Barry said with a sly smile.

“I have to ask, why in the world would you let your mom cater the movie?” She asked.

Barry laughed. “Not my choice. She wouldn’t have it any other way.” He smiled, “Anyway I don’t know anyone that makes better food.” He added.

“Yes, but you must have enough money that she could just hang out.” Thinking of her own mother living off her for years now.

He laughed again. “My mom would never let me do that. I have to force to take the car I got for her after my first movie. Dad left when I was young and she has worked ever since. Anyway everyone loves her and she loves the work.” Barry replied.

Again he had blown her away with his down to earth ways.

“she must be very proud of you.” She stated.

“Forget that! I am proud of her. I have never met anyone as strong as she is. If I did not have her I wouldn’t be anything.” Barry said very honestly.

They spent three hours talking, he opened up to her and told his whole story. How he and his mother had scrapped by, how she had made sure he went to school. It was easy to see Barry admired her above anyone else.

When he got up and left, she felt as if she owed him. He had been so open about his life and she had told him nothing of hers. She tried to tell him as much but it all came out a jumbled mess.

Again to his credit though he understood. “don’t worry Laura there will be more conversations, I am glad to have you as a friend. Good night.” He said and walked off into the night.

Laura laid down in her bed a smile playing on her lips. For the first time in her life, she felt as if she had a true friend. A person that did not see all the hype, just her.  She slept more peacefully than she had in years.

The shoot continued for two days and then broke for the weekend.

Barry had explained that he always gave a couple days off.  So that he could get the best work from everyone. He gathered the crew again before they took off.

“I want to thank you all. You all did a great job, and I really appreciate it. I can’t tell you how excited I am about the footage we got so far. Now go rest up and be back Monday ready to work.”  Barry said, and they all went in their separate ways.

Laura walked back to her trailer. She was thinking she would maybe read for her time off. The thought of flying back to LA, but only for a second. She would rather stay on set.

As she walked Barry’s mother walked up to her. “Hello Laura.”

“Oh hello.” Laura replied.

“And? What big plans do you have for the weekend.” She asked.

“Oh I think I am going to just hang out and read a little.” Laura replied.

“No.” Barry’s mother said matter-of-fact “Go pack some clothes for a couple of days and I will come and pick you up in a few minutes.” She said and hurried off.

Laura stared after her in confusion, but she shrugged her shoulder and walked in to the trailer and put together a small bag of clothes.

As soon as she pulled the zipper closed a knock came at the door. When she opened it there stood Barry’s mom with a wonderful smile on her face. “Ready?” she asked.

“Uhhh, I guess. Where are we going?” Laura asked.

“Home.” Barry’s mom responded. They drove for a little less than an hour and pulled into a nice home. They walked inside and Barry’s mother Janice (she had learned her name on the drive.) set her up in the guest room.

“Well, I better make some dinner. Wanna help?” She asked.

“Sure!” Laura said and they both walked into the kitchen. Soon wonderful smells began to fill the house. She heard a motorcycle pull into the driveway.

A moment later the front door opened and Barry walked in. “Mom I’m home!” Barry barked.

“Take off those nasty boots!” She shoot back at him from the kitchen. A few seconds later he walked into the kitchen in his socks. One of which had a hole in it and his big toe stuck out.

Laura broke out laughing. “I know He is making his third movie and he still won’t buy decent socks. Drives me nuts!” Janice said, walking over to Barry and giving him a hug.

“Oh I didn’t know you were coming?” Barry said.

“Well I am not going to let her sit on set all weekend. Can’t treat our star that way.” Janice replied.

“So you put her to work cooking?” Barry asked.

“Well yes, she can still pull her weight.” Janice replied.

“Oh believe me, I don’t mind this is wonderful.” Laura affirmed.

“They sat down at the table and ate the meal. They laughed and joked through the whole meal. After dinner they all hung out on the back deck and watched the sun settle into the horizon.

The weekend was one of the best Laura had ever had. Being around Barry’s mom she began to realize why Barry was the way he was. She was full of love but had taught him to work hard.

On Sunday afternoon Barry came out onto the back deck where Laura was reading a book. “You wanna go for a ride? I will even let pick the bike!” Barry asked.

She smiled and got up and they met in the garage a few moments later.

There were four perfect motorcycles in the garage. She walked striaght over to a smaller cafe style bike.

“This one.” She said

“Ummm Laura that one does not have a back seat. Where are you going to sit?” He asked.

A smile grew on her lips. “The real question is,” She swung her leg over the bike. “What are you going to ride?”

“You know how to ride?” He asked, she answered by starting the bike and shooting out into the driveway.

“Coming?” she asked from behind her helmet. He quickly strapped on his helmet and jumped on a bike and followed her out.

They were on the road for about an hour when they pulled off to a small dinner.

They walked in and immediately both requinized.  They knew Barry though so they were left alone. Although they never heard the fight in the back over who would get to serve them.

Barry smiled. “This is the dinner my mom used to work at. The burgers are awesome.” He said. Apparently the fight was settled, because soon a waitress came out and got their orders.

“So, where did you learn to ride?” Barry asked as they waited for their food to come out.

“My ex-boyfriend taught me. About the only nice thing he ever did for me.” She replied.

“Well, I must say I’m impressed.” Barry added.

Soon two large plates with Burgers and fries were brought out. Laura heard her mother’s voice in her head “You can’t eat that, you have to say thin.”

Barry read her thoughts. “Jesus girl you are skinny enough… EAT!” He said with a smile.

She smiled back at him and torn in.

Thirty minutes later she stared at the empty plate, not believing she had ate it all. she wore a big smile and settled back in the booth letting the food settle.

“Told you it was a good burger.” Barry said.

“You have no idea.” She replied, letting out a small burp.

They spent some time talking and then rode back to the house. The next morning Janice drove Laura back to the set with her. Barry had already gone in hours before.

She arrived and they began filming, and so it went for four more weeks.  They worked hard and filmed in the week, and on the weekends were spent with Barry and Janice at their home. Cooking, reading, riding, and talking Laura perspective began to change.

As the final shoot came to a close Laura began to cry. She did not wnat to leave the set, Everyone said tearful goodbyes. Laura cried freely as she packed her bags. She brought her suitcases out the trailer.

There stood Barry leaning against one of his bikes. Next to it was the bike she had been riding on the weekends.

“Want to ride home?” Barry asked.

A smile grew on her lips. “Hell yes!” She replied.

They made arrangements for her bags to be shipped back to LA. Laura called her mom and let her know she would be riding home. She did not give her a chance to get a word in and was off the phone and they were on the road.

They rode for two days and arrived at the coast. They got a small hotel room overlooking the ocean. They could have completed the ride but both of them wanted just a little more time. A deep connection had grown between the two, although it had not blossomed into passion yet.

They sat on the balcony watching and listening to the ocean. She finally told him her story. He sat and listened and never interrupted her. She finished with the sotry of her car crash.

“Well I hope you learned your lesson.” He said smiling. “Everyone makes mistakes Laura the problem is everyone is watching you. Don’t worry about it too much. Learn the lessons you need, and then move on. Let them mire themselves in it.” Barry advised.

“Yeah I just wish I could fade away sometimes. Be normal you know?” Laura said.

“Ummm you are normal. Don’t you get that? You a normal girl thrown into this surreal situation. You’re just like anyone else reacting to the situation, and you’re gonna make mistakes too. Just like a normal person would.” Barry replied.

She had never looked at that way, and it brought her immense amount of comfort immediately. She settled into her seat more comfortable than she had in years.

“Laura you are special but not because you made a few movies. Its because of what’s in here.” He pointed to her heart. He leaned in and gave her a light kiss on the lips. He broke quickly turning bright red.

She smiled. “That was nice.” she said. They talked but he made no more attempts to kiss her.

In the morning they finished the ride to LA, and pulled up to her house. “Holy House!” Barry said looking at the mansion.

“Yeah, but I think I like yours better.” She replied.

“well I am sure you have enough garage space to hold your new bike.” Barry said.

“I can’t take it Barry.” She replied.

“Yes you can. Hell your agent thinks I still owe you nine million dollars.” Barry said laughing.

She laughed. “Nine million five hundred thousand.” She said with a chuckle.

“Just promise me you wont drink and ride.” He said with a wink.

“When will we see each other again?” She asked.

“Oh, don’t even worry about that. Our paths are intertwined.” He gave her a long kiss, put on his helmet, and rode out of the gate and down the street.

She smiled after him, she felt stronger she had ever before. She walked into her house but it felt different. No. She was different.

The next few months she only talked to barry a few times here and there.Never for very long. They were both extremely busy.

Barry was working to get the movie ready. Laura working to straighten out her life. No longer allowing her mother to take any role for her.

In fact after many arguments Laura bought a small house in the valley and moved out of the mansion leaving her mother there. Although they still talked Her mother would never again have any power over her life.

She treated the fans and the paparazzi different as well. No longer trying to hide from them, but understanding that her place in the world included good things and bad things. She went a club here and there, but she had learned moderation.

No longer trying to solve her problems with drugs and alcohol, she began enjoy her own life more and more. Even the media noticed the life change, and they eased up a little.

With no train wreck to follow there was not much to talk about.

She sat in the meeting with her agent her mother absent for the first time.

“you look good sweetie.” The agent observed.

“I feel good.” Laura said and smiled.

“I am so glad to hear it. Well I have a few scripts for you to read.” Shae passed three over to her.

Laura glanced at them. On one cover said “The Star by Barry Fields.” She smiled and set it at the top of the stack.

“Why did I know you would look at that one first.” Her agent asked with a smile.

Laura only answered with a shy smile.

“Well they will give you something to do on your press junket.” Her agent replied.

They talked through the meeting, even her agent was impressed at how proactive Laura had become. Laura went off and did the talk show circuit.

After she arrived back she was very excited for the next would be the premier. However, more exciting for her is that Barry would be there.

It seemed like forever and when she walked out of the house to get into the limo, there stood Barry on his bike.

“You riding in this thing?” he asked.

“Give me a minute.” She walked to the driver and let him know he would not be needed. He shrugged and drove away. She ran into the house, changed. A moment later the garage opened and she pulled out her bike.

She pulled out next to Barry. “Its so great to see you.” She kissed him deep.

He was red. “Lets go.” he stammered out

They rode to premier together and walked the red carpet in her jeans. She had never felt more at home.

They sat next to Janice in the theater. Everyone loved the movie, but the best compliment was Janice.

She cried at the end and looked over at Laura and gave her a big smile, and put a loving hand on her sons. Barry was also in tears. he leaned over and whispered. “You were perfect.”

In the next few weeks the movie premiered all over. It was heralded as her best role, to date.

Both Barry and Laura were invited to be on a large talk show together.

The host asked if they would be working together again.

She smiled. “We start filming next month!” She replied.

Laura was never mired in her old ways again. Barry and Laura became more and more to each other, and in a few years they were married.

She became a huge inspiration to many young actors and actresses. They sat one night after getting the kids to bed on thier back deck.

“Who would have ever thought?” Barry asked.

“I did” She answered. “The moment I meet you.” The she kissed him.




Not Just this Ride

Some new friends invited me on a ride to honor a little girl who had fought a hard battle. I was so disappointed when my bike had issues, so I wrote this. Her family was sweet enough to say it was ok

Not Just This Ride22003003763fa0db569c47db29e78d97

By Lucien Maier
Edited By, Temperance Penrod

I never meet her.
But they had been so warm.
So when I saw the ride announcement for
A ride for Sydni, I wanted to go more than anything

Sydni, lost her battle recently.
I was honored that my new friends, invited me
To help escort sweet Syndi to her final resting place.

It was not to be for me.
My bike had some problems heading into work.
I was able to fix it, but too late to make the ride.

So here I sit at my desk, instead of behind my handlebars.
with a heavy heart, and a good deal of disappointment.
The ride description keeps ringing through my head.
Escorting Sydni to her final resting place.

Now again, I didn’t know Sydni,
But I do know some of the friends she has.
And I don’t think she will be resting at all.

I think Sydni, will be welcome to ride with Tyler
Everytime he climbs on that V-rod of his.
Maybe she can help him stay safe…. Maybe.

Greg, I am sure would be happy to have her ride with him.
Even riders that, like me, are forced to sit out.
Like Annette, I can guarantee there will always be room for
For Sydni on the road queen.

No Sydni I don’t think this is your last ride.
not even close…..
I am sorry I couldn’t be on this ride,
But I know I will feel you the next time I do make a ride.

Because you are part of a family.
One that never leaves anyone behind.