First let me say thank you, for coming by my site. I know in todays world it is hard to take time for creativity. So thank you for taking the time.
I am first and foremost an Author. I have written A few Novels, which I sell on Kindle and Nook. You can find out all about them but hitting anything that says Series.
However, I never really felt right about not proving myself as an author. So I like to give all my short work away, in hopes that if you love a short story you will give one of my Series a try.
So if you like a good story there are a ton here for you to see. Try Table #4 or The Bus if you are looking for romance, or The Ton Up for something pretty dark
Or look at all of them… in the Stories section.

There is also Poems, Essays about Riding my Bike Elf, (ELF Stories) and other Topics (Essays)
I also have produced a couple shows for YouTube, check out more in the Youtube Channel  section…

Thanks For stoping by If you need to contact me LucienMaier@gmail.com is the best avenue.