Riding North

Riding North


One ride two perspectives By Lucien and Blair





First Lucien,


Riding Elf,

By Lucien Maier

Edited By Temperance Penrod

I approached my buddy Blair about hitting a ride North. My compass patch is pretty modest already compared to some who have them, but my North was really pathetic. I have big trip planned soon for my south. My east Basalt, CO was from a trip last year, that my wife and kids ran as my chase truck.

My west is not amazing, a long solitary ride to the Dugway proving grounds in Utah.

My north was really sad, Salt lake City Utah. So it has been on my mind to go north ever since it warmed enough to ride. My buddy rides all the time. He gets more saddle time than anyone I know.

He agreed and we decided we would leave early from work on Friday and head north. I let him pick the route because he knows the northern Utah much better than I. I could not wait the whole week.

Elf had a few issues, one with the starter motor. I had sorted it mostly out when Friday morning rolled around. I went out to the lab, and my starter motor issue reared its head again. I tried and tried to get her going.

Defeated I drove my car into work, not looking forward to letting my buddy know that I would have to cancel the ride. Talking to my buddy at work was torture. He was bummed, but he was gonna go ride anyway.

I proceeded to brood at my desk for the morning. I went for a walk to clear my head, we just moved into a new building at my job so I went exploring down by a small stream.

When I was a kid a group of us used to walk rivers and explore tunnels. The stream runs under the road at my work so I went 11130168_10155340815425332_3619777124683163340_nthrough the large tunnel. I even took a picture to show my old friends on Facebook.

The whole thing made me feel better, but also back in those times we did not give up. We accomplished some crazy goals back then, only because we never allowed defeat. We continued to fight until we had won.

As I walked back I started thinking about that, As I have grown older I have learned to accept defeat. When I arrived back at my desk I decided I would not be defeated today.

I went by my buddies desk and asked him when he was going to head out. I got out of work and headed home. I worked quickly once home to tear the starter cover apart, this time I got the gear working better.

The bike was started and running, I dropped my buddy a text that I was good to go and could meet him at the base of the canyon.

I rode in and to the lower part of Parleys Canyon. The A on the map marks where this was taken waiting for Blair and Victoria to show up.IMG_1674

Blair rolled up a few moments later. He commented on the oil that was leaking out of my bike. She was dripping pretty bad, when I had put the cover back on a piece of gasket had broken away. leaving a small drip that produced some bad looking puddles when I stopped.

He even asked “What’s that?”

I waved him off. “Yeah thats me, but its ok I have more.” I said with a smile and Blair rolled his eyes at me. We hit the road and briskly rode to the the top of Parleys. Just below Wanship we ran into construction.

Blair led and was trying to get open spaces that I could clear out Elf. She is not a huge fan of riding constantly slow. Even though the construction sucked I was so happy to get past Wanship.

As we rode past Echo reservoir I knew my patch was broken. Once the construction lifted we started to ride faster. Really fast actually, we flew onto I-84 off of I-80, heading toward Morgan.

We really didn’t slow much until we pulled off at Devil’s slide for a photo op.IMG_1675

Not long before we were back on the road heading for Morgan. Blair and I did not talk much when we had stopped so I thought he might be mad. (Later learned I was wrong he was fine) We exited the highway at Morgan, and rode the old highway a two lane blacktop that rolled over hills and through the canyon. It slowed us down but it was an awesome road to ride.

We stopped off so I could get gas and some oil. Then we headed into Trapper’s loop on 167. Blair knew the road well and maintained good speed, I fell behind a couple times. Sometimes because the turns were tight and unknown, but also because the view was amazing.

We dropped into Ogden Canyon and linked up to 39, we rode next to Pineview reservoir. My new most North point is Huntsville, Utah from this point in the ride. The ride down 39 was very mellow and breathtakingly beautiful.

As we rolled out into the valley Blair pointed to where I would get on I-15 and make my way home. He also warned me about traffic in IMG_1676Clearfield. We said goodbye and I hit the 15 and stopped, Blair had been right traffic was horrible. But once I made it through I rode out to my house.

This is a ride I will remember for a very long time. I can’t wait to do a lot more rides with Blair. But now, I am looking west.

And Now Blair,


Riding Victoria,


By Blair Butler

Finally free of the constantly recirculated choke of my cell, I remove the face shield from my helmet, I need air. I need the roar in my ears and the wasps in my teeth. A wheel turns; a heart begins to beat again, slowly at first then faster bringing life to an idle brain. Accelerating onto the giant tarmac rattler that divides the Beehive east and west. Heading north I roll it on and immediately move across, finding the open lane far to my left, Mach 5, 6, 7, then 8 and 9. Aaaaah, that’s better!

Settling in I look for a gap to veer right on to the belt that cinches about the populous of the city that is Salt, but not salty. Not a chance, back to the HOVer and bam!.. I lean into a hard right onto America’s pork route, the highway that connects the hog butchers of the windy city to the bacon hungry west. Alas there are too many cagers, gotta get clear of the “commute”.

Just. One. More. Curve… and it’s all behind me, I push the bar and she dives first into a left and then an arcing right, a few more of these and I see my first spot for a breather. The air here is cleaner, and it only gets better as we ascend.

An Elf awaits, not just any elf, this is a dark creature, growling, hissing, spitting hot oil. She’s dark but willing and it’s on again. Now I can hear it, Victoria sounds the warning and we climb upward, still accelerating we climb, we climb like a curious child, upward toward the sky. Thin air, blue skies, conifers are streaks of blue-green in the corners of my eyes. Over the top, then gliding, moving rapidly toward another twisting turning lean fest…

Nooooooo! It’s an orange barrel bobsled run with only one good line, a line ruled by a phone talking, Sunday driving, overcautious, company pickup operator still enslaved to his workday… But the sun is on my back, and the elf pilot is on my six, life is good, even at 45.

We exit the day-glow slow roll, and wrists instinctively twitch, back up to speed through the Weber River valley, pastoral, it’s spring in farm country. The peace is shattered by the sound of petroleum exploding into horsepower, if you look up to see what it is, it’s already gone. 

A stone window and a grand tree mark our distance from UP home. Shrugging off the shackles of a day in a cell, finally the mind is free to appreciate what God has created, and the scar on a mountainside carved by the tailbone of the devil himself.

The winding canyon gives way to an open valley and a gentle rolling two lane, it’s a welcome break from the adrenal rush of the highway. Time to cherish the past while mounting the present, floating effortlessly through the century old ranches of worked earth and old Fords. 

I need fuel, Crispy M&M’s will do nicely. Victoria, still tanked up and willing, needs no additional octane. Elf tops off and it’s back to the Loop. Climbing once again, shifting mass left then right, on the edge of tract we test the limits, it’s right and wrong at the same time. There’s a chill, it is elevation, thinner cooler and not nearly long enough. Descending now, this time wide open, knowing we are on the back end of “the long way home”. Choices; maintain velocity and is over much too soon, or slow and savor for just a few minutes more. Choice made, my dropping wrist and a brisk kick of the gear selector signal that speed will be the rule today. 

Now to water and wind and pine, we skirt the lake and then join the river on its winding twisting route through unseen beauty. The auto-bound with their roofs and climate control see only a tiny fraction of the majesty here, Elf pilot sees it all for the first time and marvels, I see it for the hundredth time and still, I also marvel.

Just one last opportunity to squeeze a few more turns out of a Friday afternoon, we circumnavigate The Mount and regrettably we are back on the grid. Homage to the kindred who have gone before, the bronze soldier turns to admire our freedom, the very freedom he died for, a smile crawls across his sculpted face. His name a mystery, he knows that today, we have appreciated the liberty earned by the blood of patriots. Just a mile more and the Elf is gone, out of sight, yet the memory of her playful, dark soul is etched upon the forged steel of a V-Twin heart.

From here it’s all familiar roads and final turns, the ticking and plinking of iron as it cools, sleep will come easy tonight, the weight of the workday has been blasted away, not unlike from the sandstone monoliths of the south, worn by wind and water.

The long way indeed, not nearly long enough.

An author of the New Way: On “What do you write?”

An author of the New Way:

On “What do you write?”


By Lucien Maier

Edited By Temperance Penrod



Its a question I get almost every time I mention that I am an author. “What do you write?”

There are so many wonderful response that go through my head.

“Words, sometimes in paragraphs!” You see I am a smart ass, but the question has always plagued me.

I have tried to gauge people and tell them about something I wrote that I think they may be interested in. Or tell them about my latest book in a rehearsed way. IE:

“My latest is about the Devil falling in love on his vacation. Just look up Lucien Maier on Amazon or Nook!” But I have watched sales and it does not seem to work.

The question has always struck me as a bit strange. You see to me the idea of being an author is not limited to a genre. Most authors I have spoken to are very quick to jump in a corner at this question.

Weather it be I write horror, romance, or action, or whatever you have, it has always seemed very limiting to me. However that is not why I became and author. I became an author, because in my family they were always quick to say with my mind I could have real impact on the world.

Now my family would most likely argue and say they were more interested in me becoming a noble Doctor or a Lawyer for the people, or the environment. They would also be quick to tell you that I never do what I am told.

So I looked at the world with my young eyes, and searched for the places that I could have some meaning. When we look through history you can quickly see that Author’s have brought some of the most powerful change in our world.

A author can reach into thousands (many more if they are great) of minds, and change thoughts, perceptions, even hearts. It is my strong belief that many of the major steps we have made as humanity have been planted as seeds in the fictional stories that came before.

So for me being an author means you should write the stories that you believe in, not to a certain genre. After all what is a vampire novel without a good love story. What is a good romance with some dramatic action to spice things up.

My hero’s in writing are not Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, my heros are Richard Bach, Shakespeare, Hemingway, and Twain. They wrote because it drove them. They opened their chests and let everything fall out on the page.

If you held Shakespeare to his great Dramas, we would have missed his amazing comedies. It seems in modern times becoming an author is now about gaining the public’s admiration and selling books, and for most that seems to be fine.

That however is not why I became an author. It may seem aloof, but I wanted to affect the world. My heroes used words to change the course of of humanity, and I always wished the same for my words.

For me being an author means you use your stories, to touch people and change the way they look at the world. Not to mention I love to bounce from one thing to other. After all does not every great story have elements from all genres.

I hope some of my stories have affected you, and then truly my goal is accomplished.




By Lucien Maier

Edited By Temperance Penrod


I have always, at least as far as I can remember, felt broken.
When I was a young man I always fought to become something
When I hit middle age, I was so focused on making my family.
Now that I am old, old as dirt, I am only focused on,
Seeing my family grow,
Finding and keeping friends,
Seeing as much of the world as I can.
And Now that I look back through old eyes, in my life I have chased so hard,
I was there for the birth of the Internet, or at least its toddler years.
I created an Internet Radio station before they existed.
I have written five novels, along with countless stories and poems.
I have a strong marriage and two amazing kids.
For as long as I can remember I have felt like a failure.
Because the world did not react the way I had hoped.
Because I did not reach the goals that I had laid out.
Because I felt like I had no impact.
I was wrong
True the world didn’t react the way I wanted, but it did react.
Also, I didn’t reach the goals I had laid out, but I did reach some.
I felt like I had no impact, but that was because I was looking at the large scale,
But if I look on the small scale. I have effected many with my words and ideas.
Before I was old I chased very hard to be something amazing,
And I wasted my time, I was already something amazing, and so are you.
If you think for a moment, the chances that you are here, on the planet.
At one of the most dramatic times in human history.
The Equation is impossible to fathom.
Yet, each of us completed it and are here.
So for the late years of my life, Instead of chasing,
I think I will just go out and chase life,
After all, it is the one thing that is always running out.

In The Wild

In The Wild


By Lucien Maier

Edited By Temperance Penrod



So if you read my most recent piece, it was about the recent ride I took with ABATE. There was a ton of people there, and all of them were friendly. There were many people I didn’t comment on, and I look forward to getting to know them all more over the summer.

If you weren’t mentioned, that does not mean you were not noticed. I tend to notice a lot of things and people are on the top of that list, guess that is part of being an author. I am sure many more ride stories will come from this summer, with many more of these amazing people that have befriended me.

However there is one person I left out on purpose, and I am willing to bet he noticed. You see for the very first time I saw a Compass Patch in the wild. Jester, had one on the back of his Jacket and I spotted before we took off on the ride.

Now if you know me, you probably know I am trying to get these little Compass Patches to take off. It basicly tracks how far you have gone from home in any given direction.  Although they can be used to represent any form of travel, they were conceived to track your motorcycle range.

Seeing it the first time as he walked, was a moment of disbelief. I collected myself enough to thank him for getting his patch and asking for a picture of it.IMG_1647

He let me snap one laughing that I was trying to get a picture of his ass.

Jester had been so cool when he sent his order in. In all our communications he was patient and excited for the patch. Even if he is not very good with his north. ;-)
I still can’t say what that meant to see it on someones gear. I can’t wait to see a ton more of course, but I am really glad the first time was Jester. Jester and I have not talked much, but he is very active in ABATE and I am sure he has noticed me.

Although we have not had many conversations, I think there is a good deal of silent respect between the two of us. I hope that grows into a strong friendship, and I hope he feels the same.

He has always been an encouraging voice, and then to do me honor not just buying my patch but displaying it. Well again, the feeling is just indescribable.

I know there are a few out there. I have seen pictures on the net, but something about seeing it in person. Seeing a product you came up with bring someone else pride and a smile is so great.

Throughout the whole ride I would spot the patch here and there floating by. Always bringing a smile to my face. Although I did feel a little shame that once again I was staring at Jester’s ass.

I am starting to think that he may have planned it that way. If so, well played my friend, well played.

There were so many there that extended that hand of friendship, and I really do hope to get to know them all better. ABATE is a cause that everyone one on two wheels should be engaged with. If you don’t know why, be sure to read my piece:

ABATE a call to action.

So again to ABATE Utah County thanks for having me. To Jester thank you sir. You were one of the first Compass Patches and if they ever take off big I promise that will be remembered!

Pulling Back the Leather “Going on the Spring ride with ABATE”

Pulling Back the Leather

“Going on the Spring ride with ABATE”



By Lucien Maier

Edited By Temperance Penrod


Last riding season, I tried to go out with a couple groups to see what group riding was about. I wound up meeting the Utah county chapter of ABATE for their anti-suicide ride. I met quite a few of the members, and even came away with a couple friends.springridemap

PITA is one of those friends. Since Elf was running strong I wanted to make good on a promise to ride in their group ride with her. It was also (I thought) a good chance to surprise PITA. My Antisocial part started dragging feet about Thursday, looking for excuses not to go.

However as Sunday rolled into view, Elf was running amazing as if to say. “Its time.”

The morning came and I crawled out of bed. I thought I would have been super excited, but I drug a little. When I got geared up and rode to the gas station, it was FREEZING. I pulled every piece of extra gear out of my pack and put it on. Once all bundled up I hit the road again.

The rest of the ride into my first little rest stop was very cold as well. As I sat in the parking lot of the gas station with a cup of coffee trying to warm up. My thoughts kept turning back to going home and forgetting about the ride.

I was just about to head home when a surge of confidence hit me and I completed the ride to the ABATE Spring ride start point. It started at Timpanogos Harley Davidson, If you haven’t ever seen it you should know it’s a very cool Harley shop


The second I pulled in, all the old insecurities and thoughts flooded in.

I wanted to turn around and head home, but I pushed myself to park the bike. I walked in and PITA spotted me. She came over and seemed happy to see me, but not really surprised. I think someone must have spilled that I was coming.

Sometimes things Run-a-muck

I went in and signed up and then floated around the shop, in the end I spent most of my time out by my bike. It seems no matter how many folks there are, and how friendly they are, I will always float to a place by myself.


As this picture, which a friend of mine took reflects, I am out with the bikes as everyone else was having a nice pancake breakfast. They are all welcoming enough, but I can’t cross that line. I try but I can’t.

So I was on my bike waiting to ride, focusing on the ride was keeping my anxiety in check. Somewhat, what you don’t see in the picture is me working very hard not to swing my leg over my bike and get out of there as fast as I could.11078164_10155292799330332_430629382012724923_o

When everyone came out, we were called together in a riders meeting. They went over the plan and it was time to ride. Elf started up, even in a sea of Harleys you can hear her clearly. Well, I can.

So I rolled in to join the line I looked over and “Fun Size” fell in next to me. She rides this this great shadow, all matt black and bad ass.


She smiled when I pulled in next to her so I felt pretty good and we rolled out up the into Provo Canyon.  She was in front and she rolled that Canyon. Watching her prep for corners gave me great indications, and I felt at ease behind her.

provoNext time I roll through that canyon I will remember a lot of things I picked up from her. She knew that canyon perfectly, I found out later she has ridden it a whole lot.




We pulled into Heber and a couple of people made their way over. Because yes, I was sitting on my bike, by myself.


A facebook friend that was nice enough to buy a Compass Patch from me named Gary came over and introduced himself. He had said online that he was pretty much going to ignore my whole loner thing and he did.gary

He walked me back over his way and we talked bikes here and there.  Another quick riders meeting, and our expert road crew had us on the pavement. Again I was next to Fun Size but this time she was my tail.

We rode up to the next stop in Park City. I gassed up and then parked at the back of the line. I was bummed because I thought I would lose my spot next to Fun Size for sure.



PITA, hung out with me on that stop. Which meant that everyone came by to say hello, but PITA has the ability to get me to talk to people.  We talked about ABATE, and what we could do to get rid of the misconception that it is for “Bikers”.

This is subject that would stick with me the rest of the ride. I mean here I am a recluse that shys away from people. Top it off with my foreign bike, and well I should not fit in with this group of “Bik11102920_10202684090503253_592514211275904052_oers”.

And yet, there I was right in the middle of their ranks, As we rode down into Salt Lake we stopped at one last rest on 90th south. Funsize and Crash, both had gotten a small look at how fast Elf can be, and both were raving about the speed.11103219_10202684093903338_3579233030047057424_o

Now when people compliment my writing I freeze up, and never know what to say. But hearing someone brag on Elf I was just fine with, and I couldn’t help but smile. They went into the bar and I, well, I stayed with my bike.


Gary came up a few moments later, he invited me in for a drink so we went in the bar, I had a coke. I was pulled onto a table with Funsize, and Gary, a couple other people joined us. I was comfortable enough to participate in the conversation.

It was really cool to have a moment where even in the crowd I felt confident. After a rider meeting we headed back to the freeway. This time Merging onto I-15, now every group ride where we try to get onto I-15, we get chopped up into little groups.

As we hit the freeway it happened again and we were all scattered. I am sure there was groups that took this slow, but not my group. I think we were happy to see the opportunity to open our throttles and ride at speed.

I lit Elf up and we flew down the road. At one point I noticed I didn’t see much of a pack so I dropped off the throttle and waited to be passed. I fell in behind  a group and we finished out the ride to a small restaurant in Lehi called Kickn’ it.


Now everyone was commenting on how fast Elf was. Again I could do little but smile. We had lunch and they finished the raffle and poker hand. At this point I decided to head home. I got on Elf and gave a good blast as I shot out of the parking lot.

On my ride home, I felt something I have not felt in a long time.

Normally when I leave an event, I start to tear it down in my head. How I should have never gone because I didn’t add anything. By the end of my ride home I have usually convinced myself that I should have never gone.

That did not happen this time. They won.

Every time a bad thought went through my head,

I would see PITA’s face, so happy I had overcome.


Gary, who didn’t give a thought to my weakness, merely wanted to be friends,


FunSize, who rode with next to me and spotted how special Elf really is.


Crash, a Brand new face, but one that wanted to be my friend and made no bones about it.


All the others that gave me a smile and accepting me in the group.

For the first time in a long time, I could not come up with a reason not to go back.

ABATE does incredible work everyday, but on Sunday they proved to someone that thought he could never fit in, that he could. They grabbed him and would not let me go until he knew, that people do care about him.

And he can’t express what that meant to him.

You know I always said I would not fly a patch on my Leather, so that I can ride with anyone. But now I can’t wait to fly my ABATE patch, so I CAN RIDE WITH ANYONE!




Big Thanks to PITA, Jodi, and BEAUTY for the pictures!



A Word about the Editor

A Word about the Editor


By Lucien Maier
Edited By Temperance Penrod

So a bit over a year ago,
A crazy little spark plug came into my life.

We worked together, she befriended me.
At the time I wanted nothing to do with anyone.
So I think in one of our first interactions I threw her a story
Woof, A Christmas Story I had written for a local animal shelter

But my new tenacious friend,
Sunk her teeth into that piece and
Asked for more and more.

She asked questions about my thoughts and characters.
That no one had ever asked. She really,
“Got the work”

She read anything I sent for two weeks,
and offered to edit a couple times.
I hesitated a great deal, I am dyslexic
and I know how frustrating it could be for someone to edit the same errors over and over.
When she got access I figured she would edit a piece here and there,
And slowly, one day, if she didn’t hate it, maybe most of my work would get an edit.

It did not happen like that at all. To be honest at first I thought she was not even looking.
But I looked deeper and started to see why she was not editing.

She was reading.
Everything, every word I had ever scribbled down!
She didn’t comment much, over time I have come to see,
She had access and she was not going to miss anything.

Then she started to edit, and to be honest she burned through my whole back library,
And my latest novel To Hell and Back “Ascending”

Now over a year later,
She is still willing to patiently work through the
SAME errors I make every time.
Her commitment never wavered.

Not a commitment to me, she is committed to the words.
She really believes that my words can make an impact,
And She is always willing to put in the work,
To show that to everyone.

Yes, I am thankful she takes the time,
She puts in the effort to fix my thoughts so the world can see.
But more so I am thankful that she believes in the words,
Because it helps me to believe them as well.

Make no mistake if my words ever,
Make a true impact on the world,
It will be largely due to her,
My words can be powerful,
But she makes them readable for all.

So thanks Temperance,
For the all your edits,
For all your reading,
And mostly for believing.

I hope one day, when someone asks.
“Don’t you edit for Lucien Maier?”

You will proudly declare with a wink.
“Hell No, I hate that guy!”

Pizza Night A “Walking Dead” Fan Fiction

Pizza Night

A “Walking Dead” Fan Fiction



By Lucien Maier

Edited By Temperance Penrod


This is part two, if you have not read part 1




Dom had not exaggerated. The truck was full of supplies. It took most of the day to empty it into the apartment complex. They talked while unloading.

“Do you think we can pull it off?” Dom asked.

“I am going to, weather you try with me is up to. But to honest, at this point I am keeping the supplies. But if you want to move on thats fine I wont kill you.” Kelli said in her cold tone that Dom was becoming use to.

“Oh no no, I will be the supply runner.” Dom answered firmly.

“That is good to hear, you can pick one apartment. I will be bringing in the others as we find them. You can save one person, but they will have to stay with you in your space.”  She  laid it out for him.

“Nah, there aint nobody but me.”  Dom replied, a bit of sadness on his face. Dom  picked an apartment and set up a bit, He slept for a few hours and then got up in the afternoon.

“Kelli?” He asked out on the balcony, but she had left. There was still light in the day and Dom had an idea he wanted to try now that he had a stable place.

He drove the truck to a restaurant supply store and wrestled a giant box into the truck. He did find a dolly which helped and he also kept.

His next stop was Mario’s Pizza Palace. You see Dom could think of nothing that he would miss more from the old world than pizza. So he had decided he would find a way to keep his obsession alive.

He grabbed ingredients and loaded them up. He had cleaned out most of the walk in freezer and without thinking ripped open the pantry door, and he came face to face with the undead staff of Mario’s Pizza Palace.

Dom slammed the door shut, but in the same move he realized that he would need the supplies in the room. He pulled out his metal bat, and he opened the door.

The walkers started to lumber after him. All told there was five, but two cracks of the bat and there was quickly three.

Dom led them out and was able to finish the rest without to much trouble. “Presistent but dumb.” Dom said as smashed his bat in to the last ones skull. He walked into the pantry and started loading a cart  with cans of tomato sauce.

“You saved me!” A woman’s voice came.

Dom was about to blow it off, but the young chef walked out of the pantry. She was a nice looking women, but what Dom took note of was her chef outfit. “You were a cook here?” Dom asked, you see the one flaw to his plan was that he did not have a cook.

“Yeah I made pizza here. You saved me though, I have been stuck in the cupboard for three days! Thank you so much.” She said smiling at him.

“Its ok, help me load this stuff and you can come stay with me. We have a safe place.” Dom said. The woman grabbed him into a hug.

She cried for a moment in relief, the hug broke and they got to loading the truck. Dom knew he had one more stop to make this all work out.

Kelli and Dom had finished unloading the supplies and Dom had went to take a nap. Kelli on the other hand was not tried, and decided she wanted to go out. She walked through the city. She had already gotten good at spotting the packs of walkers and learning to avoid them.

She was scouting things. She knew they would need and want tools. So she was rooting through the hardware store when she saw him. She had been looking at some welding torches when she heard the shuffling.

She snuck around and there was a young man couldn’t have been more than twenty and a younger boy of ten or eleven. She waited in hiding and listened to the two, they were brothers and they seemed to have little idea on what to do next.

“We could stay the night here?” The younger brother said.

“I wouldn’t recommend that.” Kelli piped up.

They spun on their heels to see her. “The window in the front would be impossible to defend.” Kelli said. To be truthful she had debated whether to take the two in.

She hadn’t even fully decided when the words popped out of her mouth, but now she knew she was committed. “I have a safe place. you can stay there as long as you are valuable. “ She added trying to keep her edge.

“I can work on stuff, I weld and junk too.” He said with a loopy smile. If the truth be told it was less the skills, and more the loopy smile that made up Kelli’s mind.

Although the choice was now made, she chided herself for allowing emotion in.

“Kelli. And yours?” She snapped a little.

“Evan and Flint Tanner.” he said reaching out his hand to shake but Kelli just looked at his hand and then back up at his face.

“Alright follow me.” She said. They both fell in line and quietly they made their way to the Apartment.

They rounded the corner and there were a couple hundred walkers on the street. “Oh Fuck.” Flint said.

Evan looked down at him. “Flint, language.” he said.

Flint looked up at him and rolled his eyes. “Sorry but FUCKING look!” he whispered as loud as he dared.

“Its a good thing. Just keeps the real monsters off us.” Kelli said, and she had been correct she led them straight around the herd and soon enough the apartment complex was in view.

“Welcome to….” She had no way to describe it.

But as the two young men saw the complex, they knew exactly what the young girl had come up with.

The brothers looked at each other and smiled. Flint smiled at Kelli.

“Welcome to floating on the Apocalypse.” he commented.

“I like that.” She said and smiled in spite of herself. “Come on I will introduce you to Dom.” She said and walked them in. But the truck was gone. “He must have gone on a run.” She said more to herself than anyone else.

They got up on the balcony and she showed them around. She showed them the corner Dom had picked and her own corner and let them pick from the last two. One apartment stuffed full of supplies. They opted for the small one to give space and show their worth.

Evan could tell she had thought this out. She had found the perfect spot, he could see how lucky they were. For the first time He was glad he had taken welding in High School.

He wanted to ask her more, but she had a strong guard up and he did not want to upset this opportunity. They settled into their corner as she had called it. The complex was exactly perfect.

The parking garage on the bottom floor used to be connected by staircases to balconies. Now however the stairs lay in ruin in the back. Thus Walkers had no way to get up, making the four apartments on the top untouchable for the walkers.

It also helped the whole structure was made from cement. They even had small decks out to see what’s on the streets. Flint piped up and looked out when he heard the truck coming down the lane.

Dom swung it in the parking garage far enough away from the edges so nothing could climb, not that they could climb.  (need a snarky comment about walkers being able to in season one.)

He got out, “Kelli?” He asked. She walked out of her apartment.

“Hey Dom, do a supply run?” Kelli asked.

Dom smiled big, “Yeah you could say that.” at the moment the passenger door opened and out bound Amanda.

“Hello you must be Kelli!” She said with a large smile. Dom smiled sheepishly up to Kelli.

“About that one extra person I can bring?” Dom asked.

Kelli smiled, “I don’t have much room to talk.” She said as Evan and Flint came to the balcony. She smiled. Dom smiled back.

“So what did you get? Something needed I hope.” Kelli asked.

Dom got a bit sheepish. “A pizza oven.” He mumbled.

“A what?” Kelli asked not believing what she heard.

But as the boys helped upload she saw she had not misheard anything. There on the floor was a Pizza oven.

“How are we gonna get it up?” Evan asked.

Dom smiled. “These.” Dom had been thinking to and had figured out a cable and pulley system. Within an hour they had the pulley system set-up. twenty minutes after that they had the oven in Dom’s apartment.

The rest of the stuff was easily brought up.

“I can’t believe you got a pizza parlor, Kelli said walking to the van with Dom after all the food was loaded upstairs. “The one thing is how will you power this oven?” She asked.

He opened the door on the back of the box truck. The only things left were what Dom had gotten at the last stop. Every alternative energy source he could find at the home improvement store, solar, wind, even heat transfer.


Kelli clapped him on the back, “Now that is thinking.” She said.

The first night they were able to get the truck empty, and all the stuff up to the upper level. The next day they all stayed setting up energy source after energy source.

Evan and Flint proved their worth by working and never stopping. By the time the sun went down the little complex was the only place in the city to have power.

Amanda fired up the oven, and as the sun set in the horizon, the survivors sat on the balcony and ate while the walkers walked below them. The smell had drawn hundreds maybe thousands. But they mulled harmlessly below as the five souls sat and pizza.

“You’d figure there would be more.” Evan said looking out over the masses of dead.

“You mean survivors?” Flint asked.

Dom chimed in, a cigarette in his hand.

“We lost our instinct. We are the most powerful beings on the planet, and what did we do with it? We squabble over stupid shit like “is he gay.” Or “look shes black.” This is what we deserve, we have become soft as a race. This is just nature’s way of weeding out the weak.

“I mean hell look around, everyone in this city is dead. Kelli was smart enough to secure our little oasis here, but honestly if it weren’t for her we would probably all be walking around grunting right now. She has not lost her killer instinct, she is what a human can be.

I don’t know about any of you, but I will never be soft again. This maybe a new world, and I plan on fitting here fine.”



No one disagreed with Dom. They sat and ate their pizza, floating on the apocalypse.



Guardian in a Cage

Guardian in a Cage


By Lucien Maier
Edited By Temperance Penrod

When I drive a car, or a cage.
I am always on the look out for fellow riders.
I love seeing a bike on the road,
Although from in a cage I am always a bit jealous.

Now if I was on Elf, I would wave to the other bikes,
But that looks goofy if you try to do it from a cage.

And one of the things I hate is when a car wants
To “ride with me”, So I won’t do that either.
So for most of the time I admire the bike and let them go.

But as of late I have decided there is something I can do for
my two wheeled brothers and sisters out there.

So if you pass me in my little Accord.
Know that I will try to match speed behind you from a distance.
So you have the room, and when we stop at a light,
No one will smash into your tail on my watch.

When you pass I will hug to the shoulder to give you as
Much of the lane as possible.
Just in case you get a wobble,
You can have the room to correct.

People don’t see motorcycles,
But Motorcycle riders in cages see motorcycles,
Maybe we can help.

So instead of waving like a dork,
Or racing you like an idiot.
I hope one day I can save one of my buddies,
Because after all anonymous riders,
Are just friends I haven’t met yet.

Stay safe.




By Lucien Maier

Edited By Temperance Penrod



Its been a month, that seems long enough!?
You see they took my beloved convenience store.
The ripped it down to build a bigger one.
I live in a small community outside Salt Lake City.
When we moved out there I was sixteen.
They had nothing, Not a store within five miles.
And then we got our convenience store.
Since then the little town has grown a ton we have all sorts of things now,
Banks, restaurants, even a grocery store.
But that convenience store was first.
We are all loyal because they came first.
I even understand why they wanted to make a bigger store.
But my heart says Hurry!
Every morning I drive by I say something like,
“Break’s over back to work!”
“Are you done yet?”
and today I almost rolled down the window and yelled,
So I would just like to apologize to the construction workers now.
Its only been a month,
who knows what I will be yelling four months in…



Preview of Elf 2015

So couple of folks have asked, So here the story.

Elf went into the garage after her last ride of 14 Halloween.

As you can see she was pretty rough after her first season.

I pulled in her in and pulled everything apart, down to the frame and engine.  I pulled and peeled every little piece of the plasti-don’t off my bike. Don’t get me wrong it has its places, but nowhere near gas or oil. I re-shot the frame with a nice mate paint.



at that point I started to scout for parts. Thanks To my buddy Fig Figler I happened into some really cool stuff.


Well after lots of work I thought I would show off where I am at now.

Still have to redo my mirrors and back blinks, and some other stuff. But she is pretty close to what you’ll see riding around soon. :-)